Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Thoughts on Nothing Much

Normally I'd be posting a book review today, but since it appears I haven't finished a book in more than two weeks, I've nothing to review! Hate it when that happens.

So I've been flipping through old blog posts as one does, and laughing at my random posts of the past, my stupid silliness and fearless way with letting it all hang out. And so I thought, why not inflict a random post on everyone today?

Yeah, why not?

I'm mean I HAVE done those "currently" posts now and then, but they leave something to be desired with the whole truly random thing, you know. And they rarely get comments which makes me think they are boring as all heck.

First of all, let me just say I'm blasting that Uptown Funk song. You know the one? If a person is in a bad mood or a slump of sorts, this song will pick you up instantly. I love songs that have that special ability! "Don't believe me? Just watch!" (That IS what he's saying, am I right?)

Tomorrow starts the LTUE writers conference that I've gone to for years. I'm very excited. I hope it sparks some fire to get me going again on the writing thing, because that's not happening lately either. Dang, what is it about the past few weeks around here??? Make it stop! Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, I'll be posting stuff as long as my dumb phone holds out. So be warned, or aware, or something. (Speaking of my phone, my data came back today! This past month was the first time I hit my limit so I've been without date for the past week and a half. Here's hoping I don't mess up and use it all up too fast again this month!)

Speaking of phones and such, this week we cancelled our land line and our extended cable (including HD service.)  The land line thing is a strange thing... I've been attached to that number for 30 freaking years! And I just let go like that with no fanfare or nothing? As for the cable... first world problems, eh? I feel pretty weird complaining about that, but we truly never watched it... only AMC now and then, and bam, it appears we still have that one! And I guess I'l live without HD for now. Life is so hard sometimes.

Speaking of hard, what I really need to be doing right now is the laundry and maybe even vacuum. I know. Surprising.

Speaking of surprising, did you hear about our weather? Instead of crazy snow like some of you are getting, we are having weather in the 70s... during FEBRUARY! I'm wearing shorts right now. And I go out without even a jacket... just my customary tshirt. And I roll all the windows down and let the wind blow! I feel nervous about this weather. I think it means we will have winter when it's supposed to be spring.

Speaking of.... never mind....I've been helping my son with a French presentation on Jean de La Fontaine. Anyone know of him? He wrote fables. He sounds like quite the character.

Speaking of French, (ha!) here's my new French song to share with you (my son keeps finding these fun gems.) It's called Alors On Danse. This guy did it all in his basement, the released it and then became famous (well relatively speaking as it's my guess you've never heard of him until just now! If you have let me know!) He even did a TED talk on how he made it. How cool is that? Explaining it all in a mixture of French/English which is such fun! (And besides, look how cute he is!)

Anyway, here's the official video, because I know you want to blast it about now:

It's about how when life's problems get you down, then JUST DANCE!! :) Agree? This video makes me laugh too... and I'm pretty sure it's funny even to those who don't understand a word of French!

Sheesh, Enough of that! What a sidetrack I just took!

Well, I suppose I should get to that laundry. And maybe I'll try to finish a book one of these days and get back to reviewing something! Oh, and I really really really need to write if I'm ever going to call myself a freaking writer!!

Happy Wednesday to you all.


  1. I haven't had any tv except Netflix since 2008. I wouldn't go back. Now even when I'm in a hotel I never turn on the tv.

  2. I hate reading slumps, especially when you want to read, but can't connect with anything.

    The LTUE conference sounds so interesting; I'll have to make it to one of them someday. I hope you have fun!

  3. I haven't had cable for about 18 years! I've never missed it. We couldn't do without a landline, though. We're in a condo, and when people buzz up the system calls the phone number we have on file. We debated having it connected to one of our cell phones, but then what would happen if one of us was gone (the one whose cell phone it was)?! So we're stuck with a landline ...

  4. I haven't had a land line for 12ish years, but I could NEVER go without cable. Too many of the shows I watch are on cable. Although, they're all ending or getting cancelled, so maybe I could. I don't know. But, ours comes with our HOA, so we have to pay for it whether we use it or not. We might as well use it.

  5. We canceled are home phone a few years ago and it was, indeed, very freaky!

    I'm loving this weather too but very wary about it too. You know?

    I finished a book but am going to wait to review it till I finish Persuasion so I can review them together. What's with the slow reading? Maybe it's the warm weather.

    PS I love these kind of posts.

  6. I love your CURRENTLY posts! Don't stop.



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