Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion S5E10: Them (Spoilers!)

This is that episode where you aren't sure if everyone won't just lay down and give up. Our people are dying of hunger and thirst! And they are walking walking walking so slow! And later Rick gives a pep talk and he says "we are the walking dead." Did that hit you like it hit me? It was awesome! Didn't it make you look at the title of this show in a whole new way? Who REALLY is the walking dead? (Probably I'm just really slow thinking about it this way, but you know. At least I finally got there.)

But it was cool to see everyone all together again. Like... EVERYONE! Except the ones that have died. Which makes everyone together kinda sad too.

Anyway, this episode was mostly about examining the inner demons of all our sad people. Maggie and Daryl, both of them trying to come to terms with Beth dying. If such a thing is possible. Daryl crying. Oh. My. Word. Doesn't that just rip your heart out? And Sasha, coming to terms with both Bob and Tyreese dying. She and Maggie have a good talk at the end. They aren't sure they can do it. But they have to.

Some dogs come. They kill them and eat them. Gabrielle burns his collar. They find some water but are scared to drink it. Eugene will sacrifice himself, but no.... Abraham of all people smacks it from his mouth.

Then it finally rains. And then the storm gets really scary, but they find a barn. And then the walkers start pounding the door down and they all, ALL, keep them out by sheer strength. Although I almost thought that event was a dream. Anyone? What did you think? Was that real or not real? Except the zombie were all there the next day, impaled by trees from the storm. So there's that.

And then Rick's pep talk... "We are the Walking Dead." Chills. But wait, what did Daryl say right after that? "We ain't them?" I think so, given the title of this episode. "We ain't them!"

And then... and then.. right in the middle of Maggie and Sasha's pep talk to each other this nice looking, clean looking, refreshed looking, guy suddenly shows up and says, "hey!"

His name is Aaron and now what do they do? New people are so scary! We'll see next week what he's about!


  1. It was an interesting episode that's for darn sure. The barn walker scene was cool and I think it was real. And, I liked Rick's talk too. It was cool. And, I want to trust Aaron, but I'm not sure we can.

    1. Jenni: I imagine you were really bugged by the dog thing? Very hard to see that...

  2. I really liked this episode, depressing though it was. It was good to see them all together again. I'll be honest, I don't have many emotional moments while watching TWD (even when they're busy killing off my favorite characters), but the scene with them all holding the barn door (which I definitely thought was real) brought a tear to my eye.

  3. It's so sad that we can't trust people anymore! Because when Aaron comes out for first instinct was, "This guy is too clean! He can't be trusted!!"



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