Friday, February 20, 2015

Getting to Know You: Did Someone Say Candy?

This week's Getting to Know You post brought
to you by Jenni Elyse is all about candy.
What do I like?
Hmm, let me see.

Ah, who am I kidding? 
To be honest, I pretty much love all candy.
Especially if it has chocolate. I'm in. 


  1. Me toooo! I want to go out and buy some Kit Kats now.

  2. I LOVE dark chocolate. I'm not a fan of mint though, so the Junior Mints are not something I'll eat. But yum. Hope I have some chocolate at work today!

  3. Your candies look very yummy! :) I'm not an M&M fan unless they're peanut M&Ms and I don't like dark chocolate, but I do like Junior Mints.

  4. You hit all my sweet spots there too! (pb, kit kats, lindt, those chocolate balls what ever they are, mint and almonds)

    I would switch out the m&m's for Canadian smarties, but you don't have those, so you don't know how great they are for a candy covered chocolate. Also, on PEI, (and other places I'm sure) we have chocolate covered potato chips that I buy at the Anne of Green Gables store.
    crap, now I want some chocolate!

  5. I like chocolate and nuts. Almond Joy is my favorite. But since my diabetes has progressed I've had to give it up :(



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