Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting to Know You: Games

I hate to admit I'm not much of a game person. My problem? I hate waiting for my turn! It gets boring! So I like games that are fast paced and where you are constantly involved, no sitting around waiting and pondering and thinking. And I often enjoy word games, though people get mad at me if I do too well, which then makes me mad because isn't that the point of playing a game?

So some games I like are:

"Board" Games
Catch Phrase
Mad Gab

Card Games
Nertz (I'm gathering some people call this one Spit too?)
Crazy Eights
Spot It
and that game that I can't remember the name of where each round people have to switch seats according to how that round went and the seats are ranked and you don't want to be the loser in the bottom seat

Video Games
Um.... I don't do video games, unless you count Zumba! :) Once upon a time I liked Jill of the Jungle though! And Tetris! And the first Donkey Kong!

Running Around Games
Back in the old days as a kid, I loved to play Hide and Seek, Sardines, Red Rover, Steal the Sticks (or Flag,) No Bears Are Out Tonight, Red Light Green Light and Statues. These days, I refuse to play running around games. I'm too old.

I will play Settlers, Ticket to Ride and Dominion if talked into it though those games make me crazy. I never win and they get too long and boring after awhile.

Lately we've been enjoying Telestrations and Headbanz... both games are great for a big group and can have you laughing long loud and hard after awhile!

What games do you enjoy? Link up your favorites over at Jenni Elyse's blog! Do you have any suggestions for fast paced games for me to try?


  1. I'm glad you like some games, at least. I love Nertz, but I call it Pounce. And I remember No Bears are Out Tonight and Red Light Green Light. I wish kids still did night games.

    1. Jenni: They do still do them, but I'm not sure what games they play any more. Pounce? Never heard of it!!

  2. I love Tetris though I'm not very good at it.

  3. You should try a cooperative game like Pandemic, Suey. It's fast-paced, and because it's a cooperative game, you're involved in other people's turns, so there's no waiting around for your turn!

    1. Belle: What sort of game is that? A board game? It does sound perfect for me!

  4. I feel like an alien here, not knowing all these games. :)

    1. Jo Kay: These are all very OLD games I'm mentioning! Old or obscure...

  5. I think you should try Dixit.It contains beautifully illustrated cards that you then have to describe, hoping to bluff the other players into picking a different one. I bought it for Christmas and our family have played it at least once a week since. It is perfect for all ages and you are never sat around doing nothing. Get it!



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