Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E11 The Distance (Spoilers!)

So, I've been feeling like the last few episodes have been a little sleepy, a little not-so-nail-biting. But this one had me on the edge my seat again.  Probably because everyone had to forget about all the sad stuff and get back on the defensive again.

We left off last time with a new guy, Aaron, suddenly appearing. He's full of stories about their wonderful place in Alexandria, and that they've been watching the group and have decided they want them to join up.

Of course, Rick is like, Yeah, right. He's so scary these days. So scary. So they question the crap out of this Aaron guy and after much talking they decide to take some of the group to go and see if it's for real.

On the way there, Michonne is asking him "the questions" (how many walkers have you killed, how many people have you killed, etc.) and he answers them "correctly." But something happened and everyone freaked out sayiing "they've been listening to us!" I didn't get that part. Anyone want to explain?

And then, suddenly a flare explodes from out of nowhere and just after that they start slamming into a zombie horde. Things got scary so fast! I didn't quite follow all that was happening, but I think that was on purpose. We as viewers got a feel for what they as characters were feeling... total chaos. And they got all separated killing walker after walker. In the end, they found each other again and untied the Aaron guy and pretty much decided to trust him. But I'm still not sure what was going on with that flare.

After regrouping, they went back to the barn where the other group had found Aaron's partner/friend who turned out to be his very much more than that person. Aaron freaks when he thinks this guy has been hurt... and I forgot what his name is already. Anyway, they have sweet reunion which was . . . interesting. And after much talking to, Rick decides to let them be together.

Next day they all go to the new place, driving in a huge RV. Rick had said to Michonne. "What did you hear when we found the Governor? Silence. What did you hear when we found Terminus? Silence."

When they pulled to the wall of this new place, right away we could hear the sounds of kids playing. Everyone looked at each other and... the episode ended.

But, do you think they've found a true sanctuary finally, once and for all? Somehow, I think not.


  1. I don't watch this one. I just don't get the zombie thing. This one sounds intense though. Reminds me of Falling Skies. What ever happened to that show? I lost track.

    1. It's still going on. It's just in off-season right now. Corey watches it. Or did. I think he got bored last season, so I don't know if he will keep watching it.

    2. Jenny: It's not about the zombies... it's about the people surviving. It's what makes it so good and it's what got me to decide to start watching. Someone said it's the best character show they've ever seen. As for Falling Skies, I got behind on that one during season 3. I'd like to catch up though!

  2. They found a listening device in the car. That's why they said they were listening to them. I'm not sure about the flare either. I think it was Aaron's and Eric's (that's the partner's name) signal for each other if one of them got hurt. Maybe...

    1. Jenni: Weren't they driving the other people's car? It still confuses me. And what were they actually listening to? And I agree with the flare idea... it must have been Eric.

    2. They were in Aaron's car. So Aaron and Eric had a listening device to listen to the group to see if they were Alexandria materials.

  3. And they other part that creeped me out (right before they discovered the listening device) Aaron is telling Michone how great it is and they are looking at the pictures and then Michone slowly realizes and asks "Where are all the people?" That's what got me! And his semi guilty answer!



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