Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Reading Wrap Up

We've had some beautiful days this past month.
I thought it was pretty bad reading month, but I squeezed a few more in there last minute and I guess it's not too bad after all. Though I've hardly any reviews to show for it! Reviews for the two Ignite books coming up this week. And the Love, Lucas book will be coming up closer to its release date. So be sure and stay tuned!

Anyway, here's what I read this month:

Half Bad by Sally Green: This is a modern day witch story set in the UK about Nathan, who is half black witch and half white witch.... the question is, which one does he favor? This will determine everything!

Love, Lucas by Chantele Sedgwick: Oakley is spending a few months away from home to help her deal with the recent death of her brother Lucas. But what helps her the most are the letters he left behind, just for her.

Shutter by Courtney Alameda: A group of ghost hunting kids (most of them descended from the likes of Van Helsing or Bram Stoker) are infected by a deadly entity and must find the ghost that did it before it's too late.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell: Georgie and Neil are having marriage issues and during this Christmas while they are separated, they reconnect by using magic landline phone that lets Georgie of the present talk to Neil from the past. 

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi: The final book in the Shatter Me trilogy where Juliette is forced to solve the Adam/Warner problem and come to terms with her own power so she can take down the bad guys.

Ignite by Sara B. Larson: Alexa is now guard to the king, who she loves, even if she's told him she doesn't. When his brother is kidnapped, she runs to his rescue and in the process she is forced to fess up to her true feelings.

Favorites of the month: Landline, Ignite Me and Love, Lucas. Half Bad wasn't half bad either. Ha. Sorry, I had to.

Plans for March:

  • read Winter's Tale for book club, though I'm starting to get worried about it given the reactions of others who have already started and are complaining!!
  • read some of the random library books I picked up the other day... The One is one. Ha. 
  • if Life After Life doesn't make it on our new book club schedule, I'm going to read it this month, once and for all!
  • there's a couple of random review books on my Kindle that I might manage to sneak in too.
  • I really have no specific goals for this month. How very strange. It will be interesting to see what ends up on my monthly wrap up a month from now!


  1. I started Landline but it just wasn't clicking with me. I think I need to give it a bit longer...

  2. I want to finish the Shatter Me series! I don't have the other two books in the series though

  3. I have every one but Love, Lucas on my wishlist or am waiting for time to read... lol..
    You did good, not bad at all!
    Happy March reading!

  4. Did you end up enjoying Ignite then?

  5. You did great for February! I only managed to read 3 books, but have big plans for March. My only plan is to work on my TBR pile. Isn't it freeing to have no hard & fast plans? It's going to be so much fun!

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

  6. Landline is in my TBR, and I'm hoping to get to it soon. Half Bad sounds good!



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