Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E9 What Happened, and What's Going On? (SPOILERS!)

Wow, that was one weird episode, agreed?

So here's how I saw it. Everyone gets back after the whole Beth incident and they think, what's next. Noah suggests his place. A place that before he was captured by the hospital people, was secure and functioning. And besides, his family is there. So a small group goes to investigate and see whats up.

Sadly, when they get there, it's been overrun and no one is alive. Noah breaks down. Tyreese stays with him while the others forage. But Noah escapes and runs to his house. Tyreese follows.

And this is when the bad stuff happens. While Tyreese is distracted looking at pictures on the wall, he is attacked at bitten! CRAP! Noah runs for help. Meanwhile, Tyreese hallucinates and sees a bunch of dead people... Bob, that awful guy that almost killed Judith (Martin I think?), Beth, the two girls (Mika and what's her face) and finally, The Governor!

It's all a bit creepy! And strange and sort of cool too. They are all saying different things to him and already I've forgotten it all except the girls say, "It's better here" and the Governor is saying, "No, it's not!" And Beth is singing in that beautiful way she does.

All I could think was... why is it taken Noah so long to come back with help!? And before he does, another zombie comes and bites him (him meaning Tyreese) again! Then more hallucinations!

Finally, they come and hack of his arm. Oh. My. Word.

On the way back, it appears that maybe he'll make it but alas, he does not. And they bury him with Father Gabriel saying a piece over the grave.

And that's the end of Tyreese.

Goodbye Tyreese! I really liked you!

Meanwhile, Glenn has talked Rick into thinking about going to DC after all. So... maybe they will?

Anyway, it felt like a particularly violent episode this time. And that's saying a lot. And also a cool one too see a few past characters. Except for the creepy baby killing Gareth follower dude!

And Rick? He's looking particularly gnarly these days, don't you think? Wow.

So, what did you think? What do you think is in store for our characters during this next installment? 


  1. Hi hun I posted your letter the other day so you should get it soon.
    I was so excited for this to come on telly but 15 mins before I realized I don't have a fancy enough telly to watch it. so I have to wait now for it to come out on box set so I can watch it then, keep me updated I am relying on you lol x

  2. I was really confused at first as to what was going on. I had Corey rewind our TiVo because I need to see if I missed something. Then, I realized it all came together at the end. Yeah, it was weird. I did like seeing some of the past characters, though, especially the Governor. And, while I'm sad whenever any of the main group dies, I wasn't as attached to Tyreese, so he didn't hit me as hard as say Glenn would've.

    1. Jenni: It was very strange at first. And I agree with the Tyreese vs. say Glenn too! But it's making me nervous!

  3. I really have to binge watch this series!

    1. Belle: If you do, let me know and I'll talk you through it all! :)

  4. I loved Tyrese! I was a really good guy that was really holding onto his humanity! Or really trying to. I don't understand WHY he was SO distracted by those pictures that the walker got him! Really, Ty, Really? You would hear it coming! It's not like they are light on their feet or graceful or anything!!! Stupid! And we just lost Beth, why another one so soon?!



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