Sunday, February 15, 2015

Currently: Time to Slow Down

Listening: To the songs from my own blog post of this past week about my favorite bands because, you know, I really like those songs I posted!

Watching: Today I hope to find time to catch up on two Arrow episodes! How did I let myself get behind on this? Tragedy! Also, more Walking Dead and Downton Abbey later tonight. Woot! (LOL.. what a contrast in Sunday evening TV shows, eh?)

Reading: Well, so, I'm still working on Shutter. Having a hard time with that book. I finished Half Bad, which I'll write a review for right now and post tomorrow. Wow, that book. It killed me. And I started Love, Lucas written by Chantele Sedgwick,  a long time online friend who I finally met this past weekend at LTUE! Love that! 

Writing: Sigh. Writing. I loved LTUE this past weekend I will write a long exhaustive post about it it shortly to share this week. You'll love it I'm sure. Anyway, the biggest thing I got out of it... I AM A WRITER and... the story that I'm working on is probably in the horror genre, which was sort of surprising. But now I really want to play on that and ratchet up the scary. 

Making: Breadsticks and crockpot stew for dinner.  

Feeling: Normal. Good. Anxious. (Toto went on an overnight field trip and I haven't heard from her yet to say that they are on their way home and they really should be on their way by now so... what's up? Anxious.) 

Planning: To take it easy this week. Get ready for book club though I haven't even read the books. (Yes, we had two books this month.) Write a lot hoping to build off the fire from the conference, and that's about all I've planned for now.

Misc. Random Tidbits:
  • Since I did Random already this week I can't think of any tidbits!


  1. I'm so glad you're going to ratchet up the scary in your novel! I loved all the scary scenes - and you know that scene you wrote that didn't make it in? I'm keeping my fingers crossed it gets put in, because that was nice and scary too. And of course you're a writer!

    I got Shutter from the library last week but I haven't been able to get into it. And you're right, Walking Dead and Downton Abbey, definitely a contrast!

    1. Belle: I'm trying to figure out how to add it. It may be similar, but different. I'm not sure if I can pull of scary, but I want to try.

  2. I was watching the 40th Anniversary of SNL last night so the guy actually missed the Walking Dead! The horrors. (We have another TV, so, really, I don't feel bad! lol)

    1. Kelly: Oh GASP! I never watched SNL and only know stuff from it if it became part of pop culture. I'm sure it was a fun show though!



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