Saturday, June 8, 2013

Concert Review: All 4 One

On Memorial Day evening we went to our first outdoor concert of the year. There's quite a few to look forward to this year, but this first one was All 4 One. Remember them? "This I Swear"? Yeah, those guys!

They were awesome and very fun and much more upbeat than I expected. I thought it would be all ballad after ballad, and I love ballads, but I was worried the whole concert would be that.

But no, they had lots of other things going on too! And the stuff from their newest, latest album (No Regrets) was really good! (Sometimes you are all like.... stick to the old familiar things!)

Anyway, we have a new point and shoot camera that I had fun trying out and playing with at this concert, so I have many pictures and videos to share.


I tried out a panoramic shot. Not too bad, eh?

 And here's a little video montage. One of the members of The Jets was in the audience and they made her sing. The Wolgramm family grew up around here. My husband knew one of them in school back in the day.


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  2. What kind of camera? It looks like it has a really good zoom.

  3. WOW! I actually saw them in concert twice. One when they opened up for Paula Abdul and then again in Wichita Falls TX when they held a little concert in the small building there was there. I am seeing New Kids, Boys II Men, and 98 Degrees this summer!




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