Sunday, June 2, 2013

Armchair BEA: Wrap Up

I had a great time participating in Armchair BEA this year... for the first couple of days. And then I had to
participate in life instead and dropped the Armchair BEA thing. I had a feeling this would happen. I hoped maybe I could do both life AND Armchair, but life won out and Armchair fell to the side. But at least I got in about a half a week of blogging fun!

Anyway, here's my wrap up.

On Tuesday
I listed, or at least tried to list, my favorite classics.
Also, you can learn more about me here, only if you want to.
I did a great job with commenting duties.

On Wednesday
If pressed, I'd have to say that fantasy is my favorite genre of fiction, but only if pressed.
As for development, my blog sort of did its own thing.
I did an okay job with my commenting duties.
I caught the Twitter chat pretty much just as it was ending, since I totally forgot about it. (Or was this Thursday morning. I have no idea.)
I posted an instagram picture of my chair.

On Thursday
I really do love literary fiction!
I did a lousy job with my commenting duties.

On Friday
I should really read more  non fiction books!
A bit of my philosophy on ethics which turned out to be basically, be nice and link to people!
Also, on Friday, I went to my son's high school graduation in the afternoon, entertained and feed the grandparents that came for the event, and then we all went to my daughter's three hour dance recital!
I did NOT do my commenting duties.
I did not participate in the chat because I was entertaining grandparents as mentioned above.

On Saturday
I slept in while my husband got up to run a race and my son got up to work.
Then I got up and took my daughter to a bake sale/car wash fundraising event.
Then I got my car washed, and bought brownies.
Then we went to a violin recital,.
And then we came home and went back to sleep at noon.
And I did not write a "keeping it real post" because to keep it real you just, you know, have fun. And try some different things now and then.
And I did not write a children's lit post because I wouldn't even know where to start.
But mostly I didn't write a post because I was too tired and was just not feeling it.
And, I did not do my commenting duties... again.
BUT, I did Twitter chat, sort of.

Hopefully I'll still have a chance to go back and comment on few of the posts!

Anyway, it's been a fun and crazy week!


  1. Congrats to your son!!

    I think you just wrote your keeping it real post in one sentence up there... ;)

  2. Love your update! I didn't have time for ABEA except for the very beginning, too. I'm finally done for the week and things should settle down for until July 1 for me. Three graduations in a row for us, but only hosting for one! Congratulations to you and your son on this milestone, and to you all for surviving a 3-hour dance recital! ;)

  3. congrats and totally understand with life getting the in the way :) I did in the beginning do the armchair but like you life got in the way too :)

  4. I LOVE how you keep it real!! No apologies. Just the facts. LOVE it. And that's the way it should be. Thank you!

  5. PS. A big congratulations to your son on his graduation - and to the parents....we all know that it takes all of us to do this! (Grins!)

  6. Congratulations on you're son's graduation. Looks like you had a grand celebration. Of course you were busy with life. :)

    I had life hit the mid-week but managed to hang on and get all my posts done. Now I'll be visiting people in order to catch up on my blog hopping.

  7. LOL!!! I loved your wrap-up of the week!! It was so much fun to read!! Congrats to your son and great job on ALL that you were able to accomplish both on and offline!!

    As you can see, I'm way late in responding, so you were not alone during the week of the event! Thanks for participating again this year!



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