Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random Report for Two Weeks of Summer

Wow, has it been a couple of crazy weeks or what? I think the longest first two weeks of summer... EVER!

Here's what I'm thinking:

** one thing about it, I don't have to do much cooking any more!
** working at fast food places is HARD! So hard, that if you get a job there, it's possible you might quit after just a week of working!
** but, buying a laptop for the recent graduate was surprisingly easy... except... did you know... new laptops don't have a CD/DVD drive these days? I did NOT know.
** being the youngest kid in the family is BORING...and I would not know since I was the oldest all my life, but there is someone who has been telling me this quite a bit lately.
** preparing for a trip, a trip of epic proportions, is very much anxiety inducing. But I have learned that anxiety is truly a good way to lose weight! Yes, there are some good things you get from it! So I will embrace my anxiety from now on!
** I hate how there's not much TV in the summer, BUT Falling Skies did start up again. I like that show.
** I got up on all the big blockbuster movies, except Man of Steel, which I hear is pretty awesome. I'll see it sometime.
** Wow, there sure is a lot of stuff to do before going on a huge trip. I wonder if I remembered it all?
** I haven't read much lately, but I did get The Ocean at the End of the Lane in the mail like a ton of you also did, and started reading it right away. That is one weird book.
** We survived the latest Summerfest. The parade was boring, we only got four pieces of candy, but I did take an awesome picture of the fireworks, which you've probably already seen if you follow my Instagram!

** Speaking of the Summerfest and candy, I was the one that did all the buying for it for the library's parade entry, and more. They told me to buy 7500 pieces of candy. Do you realize how much that is? And after I bagged up 25 bags of candy at Winco (4 to 5 lbs each) I THEN realized that they don't take credit cards, which is all the city/library has to buy with. Now that was a fun fun moment.
** It's Father's Day today! Yay for dads!
** Bottom line, I just wanted to say BYE for now. We head off on our crazy adventure this week, and we are so excited (and anxious!) I've scheduled posts... some will be okay, some will be really awfully boring! But anyway, I'll see you on the other end with lots of stories and pictures to share. ( I may Instagram some of the adventure, if I can and we thought once about vlogging on my Youtube channel, so we'll see how that goes too. ... in case you want to follow along with us!)

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  1. I LOVE that fireworks picture!!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I cannot wait to hear how it goes and see some pictures!!!



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