Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Movie: Warm Bodies
Genre: Science Fiction
Staring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer
Rating: PG-13
My Rating: One thumb up

When I first saw the trailer for this I thought... funny but dumb. Then I when I heard people going to see it and really quite enjoying it I though.. okay maybe a Redbox rental for me! So, it came out to Redbox this past week and I actually found a night where the TV was free (sort of... someone still wanted it after I'd claimed it!) and so Warm Bodies it was!

The plot is very simple and is basically about a zombie apocalypse where the zombies begin to reverse their curse when one particular zombie dude makes a connection to a girl... who happens to be the the daughter of the leader of the humans. This reversal spreads and soon all zombies are turning human again and fighting against the really bad zombies, those that have turned way too far to be able to be reversed. Or something.

I don't get the whole zombie thing, but these zombies were kind cute, even if they still did eat some brains here and there. And Nicholas Hoult does make an especially cute zombie, but I tend to like him better as his human self and was kinda sad we didn't get to see more of that.

Anyway, so yeah. Not much else to say about this one! I thought it would actually be funnier than it was. It's just a little funny, a lot cheesy, somewhat cute, a bit violent in parts, and never at all scary.

Bottom line: For a zombie flick, it was okay.

And the trailer:


  1. I had about the same opinion as you. I enjoyed it, but thought it was going to be better than it was. The one thing that I could not get over as I was watching it though was how familiar the main character was to me. Come to find out, he was Beast from the X-Men Origins movie. It actually only made me like the guy even more!!!

  2. I enjoyed it too. I also loved the music too. My dh was blah about it. I think that he is cute

  3. I recently listened to the audio book, but I do want to see the movie. The book was cute and a little different. I am a fan of zombies so it sounds like I'll like the movie.

  4. My daughter and I looked at renting this one the other night and I convinced her to pass on it. Glad I did since we ended up with Pitch Perfect instead!

  5. I look forward to grabbing this on a rental at some point. I don't have super high expectations so I imagine I'll enjoy it for what it was. I'm looking for teen romance with zombies and I imagine that is what I'll get.

  6. You should have gone into it with low expectations like I did. ;) That's my trick for everything.



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