Thursday, June 20, 2013

Music Stuck in My Head: The Four Seasons

So, it's been awhile since I've done a true music post! And since the other day we saw Jersey Boys in the theater, I thought I'd share with you the fact that now the music of The Four Seasons are pretty much stuck in my head.

This musical is all about the rise...and fall (as these stories tend to be) of the group The Four Seasons, with lead singer Frankie Valli. They had a pretty crazy story! At first it seemed like they were going to just flounder, but then they got a guy named Bob Gaudio to join with them and write for them and he pumped out some pretty simple, but oh so very popular songs like Sherry, and Big Girls Don't Cry. Mix that with the strange unique voice of Frankie and they hit the big time.

But one thing I didn't know was that they also sang one of my all time favorite songs, Oh, What a Night. Granted, it was ten years (or more) after their famous stint, but still. I love that song.

Anyway, the music from the musical was most awesome. They guys sounded just like the real boys. But wow, the language was most definitely rated R. Yeah, not my favorite. Oh, well, I guess that's how some of these musicals think they need to be. I don't' get it but there you go.

So now some songs.

Here's the real guys seeing a medley:

And a montage from the musical:


 And my favorite song of all, Oh, What a Night! I totally remember when this one was on the radio, and I never paid attention to who sang it of course.



  1. I'm going to be singing that all day now.

  2. Oh my golly gosh!! This is the way back machine and I love it!! I guess I was dopey enough and didn't really remember who sang all those songs that I really connect to time and place! Thank you SO much for putting in some video clips ---LOVE it! MY favorite is Who Loves You...I think I danced many a dance at BYU to that lovely!

    No wonder this is playing in your head. It will definitely be in mine now!
    Happy June.



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