Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Happy Halloween!

It's been a week. I don't know. Some weeks just aren't my favorite, know what I mean? Here's to a new start!

Outside my window: Chilly and leaves on the ground everywhere!  But blue sky and sunshine!

I am listening to: the song of the week of course! See below.

Song of the week: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. It's a classical piece everyone!  Did you know I love classical too? :) We've been playing it constantly at our house since Toto had to learn it in orchestra (a very simplified version of course.) It's lovely! A very exciting one, and perfect for Halloween.

TV Talk: Ah Vampire Diaries this week! Oh my.. poor Jeremy. I loved how everyone came back from the dead for an episode! And Ozzy's move in Survivor! Wow wow wow. He is a crazy man. Merlin made me smile this week and I moved on to a new season in Dr. Who, where once again he is companionless. I bet it won't be for long though. I watched only one Supernatural episode and where the boys had to fight each other because there was a shape shifter that shifted into their shapes of course.

Books I've Finished:  Under the Dome, Interview with the Vampire and Dr. Jekyll. They were all great spooky Halloween books. So fun.
Books I've Started: Variant by Robison Wells (as in Dan Wells brother)
Books I want to start: The Path of Daggers is up next. The Night Circus is still STILL waiting. I had to drop The Iron Daughter and take it back to the library. I will be reading The Death Cure soon too I hope.
New books: Just one in the mail from Melissa at The Avid Readers Musings, called Novel Destinations, which I won last week during her mini readathon challenge. So excited!


I wrote the above bit last night and this morning, and had plans to finish the post, but it never happened, so I thought I'd just publish this much for a simple "media consumed" report of the week for you all. Nothing much else to report on anyway. 


  1. Sorry you had a bad week or one of THOSE weeks.

    Vampire Diaries was fun, wasn't it?

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. hope you have a great week! and Happy Halloween!--which is great for a Monday, ending it, and starting a week with hordes of comforting sweets?!




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