Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Miles from Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams

Book: Miles from Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams
Genre: YA
Rating: A
For: Support Local Authors
From: The Library

Here's another impulse book snagged from the library. I didn't know at all what to expect from it except that the author seems to write these really deep gut wrenching type books. This was no exception.

It's about a girl who lives with her very depressed mom. So depressed that she is not functioning and bordering on totally crazy. As this particular day dawns as they hope to start a new fresh life... they both have jobs! Lacey (the girl) hopes to volunteer at the library while her mom tries cashiering at the grocery store. As they make their way there, we get flashbacks on the situations that have caused them to be at this point.

And that's about all I can tell you without giving it all away, but I'll just say that before it's over, we are on pins and needles hoping Lacey can manage the situation, which has totally become out of hand! It actually gets a bit creepy and scary and I could probably count this as a RIP read.

So yes, I would caution not to read this if you are wanting a happy book. It's quite the downer and as I said above, gut/heart wrenching. But the writing is suburb and beautiful, and the story very compelling. I read the whole thing in nearly one sitting.

Bottom line: Loved it, despite its sadness.

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  1. This sounds gut-wrenching and heart-breaking...I'm hoping that by the end there's some hopefulness or inspiration. I wondered as I got towards the end of your great review, how many kids live in situations not that far off from the story in this book. Hopefully not many and those that do can get the help they need.

    I think this is definitely a RIP Challenge read!

  2. This book has been on my radar for awhile. The plot sounds interesting, and I can handle sad if the writing's good.

  3. Was it written in verse? I read one of her other books and it was very intense.

  4. Even though I didn't absolutely love this one, I've been really impressed with all of Williams' books. They're always intense and thought-provoking.



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