Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Book: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Genre: Horror/Paranormal
Rating: B+
From: I've had this one so long and it's so old that I have no idea where it came from. A thrift shop I presume.

It seems like I've been wanting to see what this book was all about forever, and finally it happened this Halloween season! But I must say, it wasn't quite what I expected, though I couldn't even really tell you what I expected!

So there's this boy (that's all we know of him as) who sits down to interview the vampire, whose name is Louis. He is from New Orleans around the 1700's. He begins his story with his depression over his brother's death which in turn leads him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time which causes Lestat to find him and turn him. From there, he tells us what it was (is, actually, since he is still here in the present) like to be a vampire and all the conflicting emotions that entailed.

And boy is he one mixed up angsty vampire!

Unlike some vamps, he struggles with the whole killing humans to survive thing. He hates himself, he worries, he frets, he stresses. He especially doesn't get his relationship with Lestat. It's all very confusing. During one of his moods, he attacks a five year old girl. Lestat turns her and she makes up the trio, their little family.

Most of the rest of the story is the strange relationship he has with this girl. Very weird stuff here. Of course, she doesn't physically grow, but mentally she does, so this really makes things complicated.  Then stuff happens and they end up in Europe searching for more creatures like themselves. What they find makes things even worse and relationships even more complicated.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this one, even thought it was actually a little slow in parts. It didn't gross me out overly much, except perhaps this weird play thing they went to. That was really quite awful. And I found the writing to be beautiful and poetic, so that was one of the things I didn't expect I suppose. I also enjoyed all the vampire lore, compared with all we "know" about vampires today after their huge popularity! (This book was published in 1976.)

The end, the very end once the interview itself was over, was a bit unexpected and leaves you curious about the next book, which, guess what? I have sitting here! However, it will be awhile before I pick it up. Maybe next RIP?

Bottom line: I enjoyed it.

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Of course, most of you know there's quite the famous movie made from this book. I thought I'd throw in the trailer for curiosity's sake. I'll probably never watch it the movie because it DOES look a little too ick for me!


  1. I know that Chris (Stuff as Dreams) just loves this book, but I am not having an easy time getting into it at all... I feel like I should stick with it, but so far no luck...

  2. The Vampire Lestat is way more fun than this one. It's basically about a rock star vampire, and it's pretty hilarious. I recommend you pick it up before next RIP. ;-)

    Oh, and the movie is just so boring. The slow pace doesn't work for a movie the way it does for a book.

  3. I actually like the movie and it's similar enough to the book that you're not missing much if you don't watch it. I just love all the creepy emotions it evokes. I never read the rest, though, they're about Lestat and I hate him!

  4. Kailana: I say don't stress!

    Opinions: Cool! I will look forward to that next book for sure then!

    Jenny: Yeah, Lestat wasn't my favorite either. But still I'm curious about where she takes that character.

  5. I love Anne Rice's writing, although I'm often somewhat meh about her subject matter. I read a book, cringe a bit, swear her off, and then come back to her a few months later. I hadn't originally planned to finish the series, but I have a copy of The Vampire Lestat and am actually looking forward to reading it.

  6. Just wondering if you'd be willing to part with your copy?



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