Monday, October 3, 2011

Author Visit: Brian Doyle

It seems we bloggers get especially excited when YA authors come for a visit, with good reason... we love them! We love their books! They are all awesome!

But it turns out there are other sorts of authors out there too! This past week I was able to attend one of those visits at the Orem Library (my home away from home) and learn about an author I was previously unfamiliar with. His name is Brian Doyle and he is famous for his essay writing. Some of them are complied in these books:

And there's many many others. One of his most popular essays is called The Sin, and you can read it right here. He read this one to us with all the emotion involved and it was absolutely amazing. He had us laughing and crying both. He would tell us stories, then read to us, then tell more stories. It was a very fun evening and made me want to check out his books and read something so very different from what I normally pick up. It also made me want to go write some essays on my observations about life. Yeah, we'll see how that goes....

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