Friday, October 21, 2011

Under the Dome Read Along: Week Three Questions

Whew! Coming down to the wire with this RIP VI group read book... "only" three hundred or so pages left to go! Things are deteriorating in a big big way under the dome, thanks to a very crazy man. Keeping fingers crossed that the heroes will come to the rescue!

Here are some questions we are discussing this week, courtesy of Jenny at Alternate Readality:

We finally got to see what's probably behind the Dome. Did that freak you out? Are you convinced it's extraterrestrial?

No, I would say it didn't really freak me out, but things just get curiouser and curiouser don't they? The vision that Rusty has when he touches it, the leathermen he called them, does really seem to point to the alien theory though, doesn't it. I'm not convinced of anything at any point though. I know not to trust a thing we are reading!

Jackie thinks no one outside the Dome understands. She thinks it's "different" for the people inside the Dome. Do you agree with that, or do you tend to feel like Cox and think someone should just put a bullet in Rennie's head? 

Hmmm... I don't remember this quote so I'm not sure what it's specifically referring to. I do believe that Cox and those outside have no clue about the craziness going on inside. That's for sure. And I do think that someone should just off Big Jim! Hopefully his heart will give out, but I don't think we are going to get that lucky!

Speaking of Rennie, do you think he really believes that everything he's doing is for the good of the town, or is it all about power? 

I don't think for a minute that he wants to do something good for the town. Totally about power. I mean, he is very delusional and all, but still, I think his main motivation is all about the power. Gah, he creeps me out!

I'm finding it very interesting that the bad guys all seem to have some strong religious beliefs. Have you noticed that and wondered about it? Do you think it's symbolic of something or just coincidence?

Interesting. I hadn't really thought about it. I wonder now if King is trying to make a point? Religious people are crazy? Sheesh, I hope that's not what he's thinking truly.

Do you think Barbie being dragged to jail was the push the town needed to start forming their "side"? Do you think a war of sorts is brewing and will that be what causes the fire on Halloween? 

Yes, it does seem that this is what they needed. I think it will come to blows, but not sure this is what will cause the fire. Maybe something with the alien looking generator will be part of that too?   Ugh!! I don't know!!!

I can't wait to finish this and see how it all wraps up! Stay tuned for next week!


  1. Haha, you hope Big Jims heart will give out and Jenny was saying she would be so mad when that would happen :) I'm with Jenny and hope he gets what he deserves.
    We will have to see how this supposed alien thing will work out and if it's really extraterrestrial. I find it so hard to believe...

  2. I'm glad Selina agrees with me! The leather head people freaked me out and I'm so curious if it really is aliens. I've already jumped into next weeks reading. I want more. I want to know how it ends!



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