Friday, October 14, 2011

Under the Dome Read Along: Week Two Questions

Another week of reading this massive Under the Dome book! It was very hard to stick to the assigned reading this week. But I was afraid to get too far ahead for fear of giving something away in my questions, so   I forced myself to stop. So, yes, it's a page-turner for sure. It's like a train wreck! You can't look away!

Things are quickly deteriorating under the dome. Power hungry people are so not good in these situations! Everyone is still baffled at what has caused this thing to appear. There are no answers so far.

Here are the questions for the week, along with my answers:

1. We've talked a little bit about characters already, but I'd like to know who is your favorite so far? And why?

Of course my favorite is Barbie. He seems so level-headed and cool under pressure and just plain decent. This book is filled with a bunch of scum people, but he is nice and fairly normal as far as I can tell, and his sections are very refreshing to me. I really like him, and man, I'm going to freak if something happens to him! Well, I mean, of course something will happen to him, but you know what I mean.... I'm wondering how old he is. I thought he was older at first, and then it said "young" at some point, and then when I understood who he had that altercation with, the teenage boys, I thought, hmmmm.... how young? I'm thinking maybe early 20's. And so it's weird to me that it seems like there's a relationship forming with Julia. Yeah, that's a little different. I guess we'll see.

2. What do you think is up with these kid seizures? Do you have any clue how they are tied to the dome?

Is there some sort of current buzzing through this domed off area that only affects the kids? Perhaps. But the fact that along with it, there are predictions of the future? Yeah, that I totally don't get. So I have nothing to offer here! I want to know what YOU think!!

3. What has been your most favorite creepy/scary scene so far?

I was holding my breath while Barbie and Julia were creeping around the radio station with that music blasting, and the feeling of someone watching them! Shiver-y! There wasn't a whole lot to that scene really, but it did feel very spooky and goosebumpy.

As far as creepy/disgusting/icky/awful goes... that's the whole pantry mess. Oh my gosh, I can hardly read that stuff!

4. I'm assuming everyone knew what to expect from a Stephen King book, writing/style-wise. But still, I'm curious to know how you are all handling the vulgarity in parts. Does it bother you? Does it add to the story and give you a feel for certain characters? Or does it distract?

So, I'm okay with it if it defines a character... to a point. It bugs me in excess, and it it's thrown in to be a shock factor. I feel like he comes right up to the very line of this! Know what I mean? I'm glad that F bomb is really only during the view point of certain characters, and not throughout the whole thing (for the most part.) Otherwise, it would really get to be too much for me. The rape scene was especially hard to read.

5. This last section ended with what I thought was an unexpected murder. Do you think anyone could get murdered at this point? Or is there a line that you do not cross regarding certain characters? In other words, do you think certain characters are safe from getting the ax? Are you curious about who will get it next, and who will survive? 

Wow, I'm thinking that pretty much anyone is fair game here after that last one! Sheesh! But I'm going to be very very upset of Barbie is on that list. I've even flipped through ahead just to see if I see his name still showing up! And I'm not usually one to flip ahead.  I won't be happy if those littler kids (the Joe group) end up on the list either. But seriously, I think part of the craziness of these horror books it the fact that your favorite is not at all safe.

This book is a group read for the RIP VI reading challenge brought to you by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings. Let me in comments if you are answer these questions on your blog... even if you've read this before on your own, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Oh, the radio booth scene was freaky. I'm so worried about all the characters. I feel like no one is safe and it's freaking me out! I think Barbie is older like in his thirties, but I really have no idea. I started by thinking he was much older but now I'm not sure. Isn't it funny that it matters so much to us?

  2. It's easier to picture them in your head when there's a bit of an age attached I guess. Thirties, huh? Maybe, since he's had that military experience and all.

  3. Yeah I was thinking 30's as well because of his military career.
    I can't believe you flipped ahead to check if he's still alive :) I have a good feeling that he will make it (hopefully!).



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