Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five Bookish Thoughts

It's one of those days where I really want to post something, preferably some sort of discussion post (even though I'm still behind in reviews, but a review seems too boring for today), but I can't think of anything really profound to discuss, and so I revert to a random post of bookish thoughts, as I'm prone to do when this sort of thing happens.....

Thought One

And so it seems we are staying home for fall break. This means I will be reading in the readathon after all. Today I'll probably end up at the store for treats and munchies. For sure I'll be making caramel popcorn since that has now become the tradition! I think it just might turn out to be the perfect day for reading since the boys may be gone scout camping. We'll see how that turns out. But regardless, I'm excited to read the day away and maybe make a dent in some of the piles around here. Books I really hope to get to are: The Death Cure, The Iron Daughter, The Demon King, and The Night Circus. I'll be lucky though if I finish just one. Which one of these four do you think I should start with?

Thought Two

I told you how I held off on the Pinterest thing, but finally gave in over the weekend, right? Now I'm finding that I'm adding books over there and giving them a two or three word review. First the blog (two or three paragraphs), then Goodreads (two or three sentences) and now Pinterest with two or three words. Interesting progression, don't you think? Which do you like the best? Lots of info on a book? Or just a little bit?

Thought Three

Tomorrow is another author event over at Orem Library. Marilynn Robinson, winner of the Pultizer Prize for Gilead will be talking, reading, answering questions and signing. So local bloggers, come on out and join us! Let me know if you are coming so I can find you to say hi! I know many of you get a little more excited for the popular YA author appearances, but we should support these "literary" ones too, don't you think? (Ha, there's that word literary.... we had an interesting discussion on THAT word at book club last week! Can you guess the gist of it?) So, are you coming?

Thought Four

I was just thinking about what it would be like with no books or music in my life. That thought makes me crazy. Some people chose not to have either. I don't get that. I guess they fill their lives with something else that perhaps I don't have and then they don't get me. Still, sometimes I think about this and wonder where I'd be without these two passions of mine. It's a scary thought.

Thought Five

I need one more thought to make this post sort of balance out you know? But nothing much is coming to mind except this, after all this horror/supernatural reading I've been doing for RIP VI, I'm so ready for more fantasies and love stories! And after watching a certain Dr. Who episode the other day, that angel on the RIP VI button really really creeps me out!

Okay, over and out. Happy bookish thoughts to you all.


  1. For your readathon - I think you should start with The Night Circus because I am intrigued and want to know if you like it or not. But, Iron Daughter is an easy read and I am sure you will be able to read through that one real quickly thus at least finishing one book.

    Thought Two - I have no idea about Pinterest. I will need to check it out. My thought - blogs always will be best. I like to know more about why a person likes a book beyond a few words. The probably GoodReads because I am familiar with it, and scan through the reviews there every now and then (I rely on goodreads before Amazon when trying to make a book purchase and want to have a general idea of a how a book is rated). Pinterest ...hmmm...need to check it out.

    Thought three - you and author events. I continue to wish that my area had events as frequently and as interesting as your area.

    Thought four - life without books or music? oh my...don't ever breathe or write that thought again. horrifying.

    Thought five - I always love the graphics that Carl chooses for his challenges. Very artsy and appropriate. I need to get watching more of Dr. Who. Sigh...I am not a huge tv watcher.

  2. I am obsessed with Pinterest! I usually pin stuff for my home or ideas and styles I like though, not books. I can't wait for the readathon!

  3. 1--Night Circus, because I will hopefully get to this one soon and would love your thoughts on it.

    2--I started a board on Books, but have since neglected it for fashion, art, architecture. I think the length is appropriate for each, and in each venue the amount I would expect (and like).

    3--I'm with Deanna, you have so many more and interesting author visits than my Library...sigh.

    4--usually I find it so difficult to talk with people who aren't even a little interested in books and/or music. which is tough when I am related to some of them and I am avoid politics and am bad about keeping up with the cost of fuel and the weather.

    5--lol. that is creepy!!

    fun post. and caramel popcorn sounds so perfect right now...


  4. Ibeeeg: You really do need to come see about Pinterest. I put your Josh pic on my Just Josh board... couldn't resist! :)

    Reviews: I need to find you over there then and see what you are pinning! YAY readathon!

    L: Night Circus? Okay, I think you guys have convinced me!

  5. Pinterest? I am SO behind on stuff like this.

    I've been really in a rut with my posts and I tend to be unable to let myself do a ramble post. This just might inspire me to yak about whatever takes my fancy. Thanks!

  6. Melissa! I would love to read a YAK post from you! Go for it!

  7. THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Want to hear your thoughts on it. :)

  8. Oh man! Knowing you're over there eating that yummy caramel popcorn is going to be so depressing for me. ;) I'm glad you get to join the read-a-thon, though.

  9. I got an invite to Pinterest, but then I didn't even go on... It seems like a time suck and I don't have enough time for everything else I do! Plus, I join things and use them for a while and then they sort of drift off my radar... There is just too much out there to do!

  10. Yay for Readathon! I'd start with the Night Circus, but that's because I just started listening to the audio version (narrated by Jim Dale!). I'm liking it so far, but Jim Dale could probably make cell phone manuals sound magical...

    Be sure to stop by my blog on Saturday, I'm hosting a mini-challenge.

  11. A world without books or music? Don't even speak of it! I think I'd totally crack if I didn't have a book to read and some good music to listen to at the end of a hard day!

    I'll be reading for the Readathon, too. I've been looking forward to it for an inordinately long time. Wish somebody would make me up a batch of caramel corn for it. ;-) I think you should start with The Night Circus - I've heard nothing but good things!

  12. Angie: OK!!

    Jenny: Hey, come on over and read and eat with us! :)

    Kailana: Yes, it totally is. But I'm hoping I'll get my little boards established, and then just add to it as I see things and hopefully not sit there forever looking at pictures!

    Kate: When will your mini challenge be? I will totally be there! I hope!

    Megan: Me too me too! And yes, it looks like The Night Circus it is! I may try to get a head start on it though. We'll see.

  13. Welcome to the addiction called Pinterest =) I held off for a long time too, and then I couldn't stand it anymore lol

  14. Good luck with the read a thon! I'm excited to see your progress!



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