Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Series Talk

I'll be trying to participate in Jenni's 30 Days of Books this next month, but I'll be hit and miss and sometimes two on one day, like today, where I'm covering two prompts in one.

What's your favorite series and what's your favorite book in your favorite series?

Okay, well. I'm having trouble thinking what my favorite series is, but let's go with one that is a recent favorite, which is the Starbound Trilogy:

I adore these books. So very creative and clever and different. A cool world, sometimes in space, sometimes not. Smart attractive awesome characters. An interesting bad guy. A situation that you wouldn't quite expect and one that they must all solve and there seems to be no solution.

I don't know. I just loved it.

And I supposed the first book was my favorite. Because... Tarver. And stranded with Tarver. And forbidden love and all that. And the surprise weird freaky ending. Yeah. I should totally read this again. Actually, I have read many of my favorite parts over and over.

It's awesome stuff.

What's your favorite series? Link up here!


  1. I really must try this series one of these days!

  2. I really need to get to these books. I wondered if you were going to choose these books because I knew how much you loved them.

  3. I wondered if you'd use this series! I really need to read it.

  4. Yes! This entire series is wonderful, but I think the first one is still my favorite too. Because things happened I was NOT expecting! And with books two and three, I knew there'd probably be some sort of twist coming after that. And Tarver....I love Tarver!!!!



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