Sunday, May 1, 2016

Saturday Snapshot... On Sunday: Kids and Food and Currently

Share your pictures of the week (or the past) from Saturday Snapshot hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads! 

Here's a couple of random pictures from me:

We went to a restaurant in the area that is getting rave reviews.
I enjoyed the food a lot, but the prices are pretty crazy!

All my kids!
Spouses and grand babies included!
And I thought I'd stick a quick CURRENTLY post here too! 'Cause it's been awhile.

Listening: I posted a bunch of songs yesterday that I'm currently listening to. But I can share another one:

Ah, it's so pretty. I love the ballads as much as I love the dance-y poppy ones. I'm currently fascinated with this particular dude since discovering he had a great part in the Descendants of the Sun. (Review of that to come this week.)

Watching: We are all caught up on Survivor! Maybe we'll actually watch the final episodes live? Not sure. We'll see. I think that's the only "currently playing" show I'm watching these days. I'm in the middle of a kdrama called Boys Over Flowers which is popular enough to actually be on Netflix, but sheesh. This show. I will have so much to say when it's time to review it! Just... don't watch this one for your first kdrama experience!! Yeah, no.

Reading: Just started Ally Condie's Summerlost and it's awesome so far! Here's hoping I finally figure out the balance between reading and kdrama's soon!

Writing: I've been trying to spiff up my first 10 pages for the conference coming up and they are so terrible that I want to scrap them and start over. But I'm not finding the guts to do it yet. I have only five days left. Think I can manage this?

Blogging: I'm doing okay, don't you think? It's still happening. Not sure I'm keeping any readers, but I hope so! I plan to participate in Armchair BEA in a couple of weeks. Join us!

Health Watch: zero zero zero

  • We've had lovely lovely rain this week!
  • This past week was an awesome down week. This next week is going to be awesome crazy. Deep breaths.
  • Um, I guess nothing else to interesting has happened this week. Stay tuned!


  1. What resteraunt? I'm glad you're reading a bit more. I think I saw that kdrama on Netflix. Thanks for the warning not to watch it first.

    1. Jenny: Black Sheep and... save that drama for AFTER you fall in love with Lee Min Ho, then all the silliness of it won't matter. :) (And if by chance you DON'T fall in love with Lee Min Ho, then.. ummm... we'l have to debate for sure, even if the subject isn't bookish! LOL!)

  2. I LOVE Onew's voice in this song. It's so pure and clear, and just gorgeous!

    1. Megs: yeah, I think he is my new non-SJ bias... yeah... pretty sure he is...

  3. I'm with Jenny. What restaurant did you go to? Does it have shellfish? And, yeah, I think you're doing great with blogging. I'm glad you're sharing what you're currently into right now. :D

    1. Jenni: Black Sheep and I can't remember if it had shellfish or not... and I'm glad you are still enjoying all the crap I'm blogging about lately. :)



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