Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kdrama Review: Descendants of the Sun

Drama: Descendants of the Sun
Genre: Military/Medical Drama
Starring: Song Joong Ki, Song, Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Up until now I've been "catching up" on past dramas...dramas that aired last year, or a couple or three, even four years ago. This time, I decided to be part of the current buzz and watch one that was happening in real time.

How it works is that it airs in Korea and then the next week, the episode is available on the site/app for all to see. I joined the party about 10 or so episodes in, quickly caught up and then had to do the waiting thing. Not fun! (I was very tempted to pay the monthly fee in order to get them faster, but held off for now. That might still come though!)

But fun to be part of the current buzz!

And this one was amazing! Oh my word! I can't even. It felt like a movie instead of a TV show. With sweeping epic music and special effects and amazing locations. Awesome.

Sheesh this guy!

It's the story of a guy who is on the "alpha team" for the Korean army which means he has to go diffuse highly toxic and volatile situations. And he's good at it. Dang good. But it's oh so very dangerous and scary.

One day on leave, he happens to meet this doctor girl and sparks fly immediately. I remember thinking.. wow.. if they are together so fast what story is left to tell? Yeah. Well, then so much happens! She decides he's not for her after all (she is crazy) and so all is off. Then he gets assigned to a country called Urk (heard of it? Me either. That's cause it's fictional! LOL!) and she gets assigned to be a medical volunteer squad to go serve in... yep.. Urk.

And so they meet again. And... sparks fly. And there's a bad bad guy, and a natural disaster, and some highly charged political maneuverings and a plague and... wow. So  many thing to keep them apart!

The romance is intense and lovely. Ah the banter! So much banter! This one has the best banter that I've seen so far in a drama. Also, there are several other romance stories going on at the same time. And tragic back stories to deal with. And all sorts of awesome side stories that totally suck you in.

Here's the other couple. They have an awesome story too.

For instance,  the sweet naive doctor who feels like he fails everyone and has to find himself again.  I later learned that was the acting debut of one of the band members from SHINee and wow. He blew me away. Sheesh, these guys can do it all!

Here's our main character doctor on the right with the new doctor
played by Onew from SHINee, Who was awesome.

My only complaint is the the few cheesy English speaking actors. I'm not sure what's up with that. You'd think they could get actors for the English parts that can truly speak English, you know? Anyway, I cringed a couple of times there. Other than that....

Bottom Line: I loved everything about this one.  Swoon swoon swoon! So glad I decided to jump on board!
And just one more.
My feelings exactly.

This one has a bunch of awesome trailers that are actually English subbed this time! I can't choose one! They are short, watch them all!

His story:

Her story:

Both stories:

And the epic instrumental theme song:

 And another favorite song this one highlighting the other couple:



  1. OH MY SONG JOONG KI!!!! This man! So incredibly charming!!! The third preview still gives me chills... and I know what happens!!! Jinjja! I want to watch it again... only I am going to stop at the Three Days, No Nights!

  2. I bet it was hard waiting for each episode. This one sounds OK but I think I'd like others better.

  3. I'm not sure I'd like this one. But, I don't know. Maybe, I would. I wonder if the bad English speaking parts would bug me too much. How often was it?

    1. Jenni: Not very often and I think you would totally love it actually. :)

  4. Squee!! I just finished this one last night. It is SO good! I agree that it has fantastic banter, and I love all the side romances and friendships that take place throughout the show. Thanks for the rec.!

  5. I've seen a lot of this one but not the entire thing. Just because I haven't made the time to do so. I can see why y'all love it though! One of these days I'll finish it. I hope! There's just too many kdramas to watch, okay?! ;)



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