Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sing Along Saturday (on Sunday again!): Moms

Here's a perfect song for today. And since it's also the theme of Sing Along Saturday, I figured I'd share, even though I'm sure you are all sick of Korean songs. Sorry, I'm not sick of them yet and it may be awhile.

I wish this version had English subtitles for the lyrics, but instead, I will just include the lyrics below it. Anyway, I wanted to share this live version of these guys singing about their moms because the solemnity and emotion of their faces is awesome. (Also, seeing the slides of them with their moms... ah!!) And Donghae (the darker haired one in this particular video) actually wrote this one, which makes it even more awesome.

Anyway... to mothers everywhere, I give you this song simply called: Mother.

(Thank you) I can’t express with words
(Thank you) I’m here because of you
You always embraced my young and immature self
(Love you) Words I couldn’t tell you
(I love you) I’m finally telling you now
Now I know your heart and how you always believed in me
And I know, Yes I know, you always look to me
And I know, Yes I know, even if the world turns away
Love you mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
I endlessly shed tears when I think about you
Love you Mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
Now I’ll be your strength and return that bright smile
And you know, You know,
You know, I love you, I thank you
(Thank you) Wherever you go, don’t be small
(Thank you) Because I’m standing right behind you
Even if your back is hurting or your eyes grow dim
(Love you) Words I’m so bad at saying
(I love you) Finally, I’m saying them
You’re the prettiest in the world, I’ll place you in my eyes
Look at me, don’t rush anymore
Lay down your heart, it’s alright now, slow down
Because of your endless love, your unchanging love
I am here today
Thank you Mother, I love you


  1. You stole my idea... And you used my future husband too... I mean really...

  2. Good song for today! :) I'm glad you found one that worked today! I actually didn't mind that one either.



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