Friday, May 13, 2016

Armchair BEA: Beyond Books and the Blog

Today's Armchair BEA is thinking beyond books and blogs. Here are my thoughts;

Beyond Books:

I'm still pretty traditional when it comes to what I'm reading. I have branched out a bit into graphic novels, but not a whole lot. I don't enjoy audiobooks (I can't focus on them and whenever a person would normally listen to audiobooks, you'll find me listening to music) and webcomics... yeah, I haven't even tried those at all! 

But I do believe that all these forms are great reading experiences and if you love them, embrace them! And, this is a question that as come up lately... count them as reading! For sure! 

As you know, I enjoy the art of story telling in many forms OTHER than books. Namely movies and TV. And music, which is story telling too, don't you think? Now these I don't count as reading of course, but definitely consuming stories. I love it in all its forms.

Beyond Blogging:

Ah, talking about books NOT on the blog. Yes, that would be book club for sure... going on 12 years which is awesome! Woot! And all the author signings and book launches we go to. That's awesome too. And writing... I'd say that's something. Oh my.. talking about getting consumed with a story.... write one and then you'll know! It's so very intense! Let's see, what else do I do beyond blogging? It seems like a lot... like it's pretty much my life so..... oh working at a library and having bookish people all around me all the time. Yeah, that's awesome. (Even if I don't get to work with the books and talk about them a whole lot.) Always promoting the local authors.... that's fun too. 

Yeah, bookish stuff beyond blogging is a constant and a given. Everything, everywhere. all the time.


  1. Ha ha ha! Way to call me out on my question. I know you didn't name any names. It just made me laugh. ;)

  2. Exactly! And yes, Jenni, I've decided audiobooks count...mostly because I'm going to start listening to them.



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