Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Loves and Hates

Oh my word! I'm going to do FOUR prompts today for Jenni's 30 Days of Books! I'm not sure this is the point of this meme, but it's working for me so I'm running with it! Here we go!!!

A book I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving:

So I usually don't read books that I don't think I'll like... unless perhaps it's a homework assignment (which doesn't happen these days) or once in awhile something for book club, but that's really rare too. Anyway, I looked at my ongoing favorite list from the blog and tried to remember if there were some on that list I was dubious about when I started it but ended up loving. This one jumped out:

Why was I dubious? Probably because I didn't know what it was about. Maybe it looked too serious or literary. I really don't know why I was leery. It's been too long. But let me just say... WOW I was sucked in and became all emotionally entangled fast and hard. Such a crazy book and one that messes with everything you've ever thought about right and wrong and good and bad. I loved it.

A favorite classic:

Ah sheesh. I love so many. But the first one that came to mind when I saw this prompt is this book:

The first time I read it in 9th grade I didn't understand a thing. I've since read it a couple more times and there's so much between the lines stuff and funny things and snarky sarcastic bits and then the love story is just ... awesome. And the history and the setting and the emotion. All over the top. And the end will forever be one of the best and saddest endings ever in all of literary-dom. The best I tell you.

A book I hated:

There are very few books I actually hate, like truly hate, but the one that I always come back to is one I tried to read years and years ago. I can't remember if I actually got all the way through it. I think I did. I tend to block it from my mind. But anyway, I can truthfully say I hated this one:

Ugh. Nothing redeeming about this book at all. And nothing at all funny. Sometimes I think my sense of what is funny is completely and totally different from the rest of the world. This book pretty much confirms it. Did I say ugh already?

A book I used to love but don't anymore:

Umm... what book don't I love anymore? This is a hard one. Why would I not love it anymore? Something perhaps that I've re-read and it didn't live up to the memory of the first reading? Usually I'm the other way around... I will think I didn't like something but then upon reflection I decide that it was actually the most awesome thing ever.

So I've just browsed through my goodreads list of books I've given 5 stars to, pondering which ones I might change. Here's one that jumped out at me:

Yeah. I mean I'm sure I enjoyed this book a lot. And I loved getting to know the characters in it, but I bet you anything that if I were to re-read it again today I'd be like... five stars? Really? Jinjja? I don't think so!!! Sometimes it happens.

Stay tuned for more 30 days of Books prompts. You should join in and write a post too!


  1. I think the way you're joining in is just fine. I'm just glad you're doing it with me. I like reading your answers. I haven't read a single one of the books you've posted today. But, I do want to read A Tale of Two Cities. I'm a little dubious about it, though. I hope I like it. Only time will tell, I guess.

  2. It's so weird to see you talk about a book you "hated". That doesn't happen often. ;) I'm a few days behind too. I'll be posting a catch up post tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Bel Canto was the first books I read by Ann Patchett. She's since become a favorite of mine. Dickens, I must admit, kind of a terrifies me. I love A Christmas Carol, but I've struggled over his longer works. A Tale of Two Cities would definitely be the one that I would try if I were to give him another chance, though.

  4. BEL CANTO was kind of an odd book, but I ended up liking it as well. It was more compelling and memorable than I thought it would be.



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