Saturday, May 14, 2016

Armchair BEA: Fictional Worlds

Here's the prompt for today's Armchair BEA post: We all know that sometimes, the worlds we love in fiction can be dangerous. Which fictional worlds would you want to live in? Which worlds do you never want to dive into? Which worlds are you content to stay behind the glass, so to speak, rather than wishing to dive through the page? And once you get there, what would you do?

Whenever I'm asked this question I realize that there's hardly any worlds I'd really like to go to. In fact, they are all pretty scary, are they not?


I would not want to go to:

Narnia (the witch)
Most of Middle Earth (the ring wraiths)
the world of the Lunar Chronicles (that plague is going around! But wait, I'd love to meet Kai.)
pretty much any dystopian world
The Fifth Wave world (no no and no)


I could handle maybe visiting:

The Shire
the spaceship Icarus BEFORE it goes down (curious to know if space flying makes me motion sick)
The Raven Boys 

Hmmm... I guess that's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there's so many I will wish I'd remembered as soon as I push publish!

Do you agree with me on these worlds? What worlds would you want or not want to visit?


  1. Pooh, the Shire! I could totally be a Hobbit.

  2. Ha! Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd have a hard time living in any fictional world, except the happy places like The Shire or Rivendale or Hogwarts. I WOULD have loved to be a kid on Willy Wonka's tour of his chocolate factory, though. That would've been awesome!!!

  3. I could easily live in The Shire, I think.

    Happy to see you here at Armchair BEA.

  4. I would love Rivendale. But I might never leave.



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