Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Love, True Love

Hey guys! Sharing more music today! The prompt over at Bookish Things and More is:

What's your favorite song that celebrates love?

Well. How about we go back to my Josh Groban days for this one? At least to start out with!

Here's one of my favorites JG songs called In Her Eyes. This live clip was filmed at the concert I went to years ago. Though sadly, he came down through the audience across the arena from where I was sitting. Still. It was awesome. That concert remains one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

There are so many more great love songs by Josh. Sigh.

Also, I think most of  Enrique Iglesias' songs celebrate love... the steamy steamy kind! I have a ton of favorites, but this one is probably the most well known and I've always loved the lyrics so so much:

And finally, here's my kpop contribution to the theme this week. This is one of my favorite Super Junior songs... I'm determined to learn the Korean lyrics so I can actually sing along with them.  Watching this video with the English translation makes me realize how poetic these lyrics are (like so many of them) and how much we actually lose in translation. Makes me a little sad. Anyway, this is a great love song called All My Heart.

And now don't you feel all lovey dovey? I hope you enjoyed  me songs. Post your own favorite love songs and link up over at Bookish Things and More!

I can't wait to see what'll be up for next week!


  1. I'd never heard any of these songs before. It shows you my lack of branching out, lol.

    1. Jenni: I'm really surprised you've never heard of Hero. SAD!! Do you like it? Impressions? Thoughts?

    2. They're not my thing. But, it's okay. I thought it was fun listening to them for this prompt. :D

  2. I love Hero. I may break out singing it every once in a while out of nowhere. Or when I'm trying to embarrass the kidlets. Enrique Iglesias definitely has the love songs down.



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