Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging Slump

Yes, I seem to be in one. All the excitement from BBAW and the Readathon... it's all over and faded away. And suddenly, I can't think of anything interesting, bookish, or remotely clever to write about.


Where are those meme things when you need one? Five Things? Seven Quirks? Where was I Ten Years Ago? Where will I be Twenty years from now? What's my Favorite this, that or the other?

I don't even feel like doing those. It's all been said!

And where is everyone anyway? NaNoWriMo- ing? Christmas shopping?

So I guess instead of blogging, I'll go back to reading. Maybe I can get through a big list this month? Well, we'll see.

Or maybe I could clean.

Or maybe not.

Anyway, I'll leave you at least with a song for the day. If I clean, I'm going to blast this and mambo all through the house at the same time! (And I don't even know how to mambo!)


  1. haha awww we all go through a slump every now and then :) nice song. No worries with not knowing how to mambo. I sing all the time when I clean. My sisters continually beg me to stop, but who cares, practice makes perfect yes? haha

  2. I feel slumpish right now, too.

  3. I'm sure it is the phase of the moon...and not a personal thing. And absolutely do not will only get dirty again.Than is my motto...but then I live alone.:)

  4. The best thing is to read and get filled up with ideas again. Maybe you'll read a nonfiction with a topic that enthralls you, or a fiction with a character that you can't stand and must rant about.

    Or you could clean...that works, too...

    The music..also a good idea...

  5. Awwww.. I hate slumps. I went through one recently and ended up reading a ton and then posting reviews (which I rarely do usually) so it worked out in the end!

  6. I'm kind of slumping now too, except I am still behind on reviews (I still have some books from the read-a-thon to post about...) I'm on an only-review slump, can't think of anything else to blog about. Hope you get some inspiration soon!

  7. I have been there... nothing sounds good. You can be surrounded by books but feel you have nothing to read.

    I just took a few days off of it... I came back. Instead I just spent some time on twitter and visiting other blogs... they inspire me :)

  8. I hope reading will recharge you. I've been absent thanks to Nano...sorry about that. I hope that you have a great weekend and read some great books.

  9. Also slumped. I did get around to a LOT of blogs today so maybe I'm coming out of it.

  10. Yeah I'm in that slump too!! I missed 7 days! Maybe we need some brainstorming sessions??



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