Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E4 Slabtown (Spoilers!)

Finally, we get to see what happened to Beth!!

Of course, she's been taken by some more crazy people. This time, the people are running a clean, efficient hospital where they expect you to pay them back for anything they give you. Since they saved Beth's life (supposedly) from a walker, she owes them a lot. And one really creepy "lollipop" dude expects her to pay up in a way she refuses to.

Oh, can you believe the creepiness of that green sucker scene?

But she finds a really awesome friend, Noah, and they try to escape down a most disgusting elevator. At our house, we were literally screaming during that whole thing! Noah gets away, but of course, Beth does not. I really liked Noah, and I hope we haven't seen the last of him. Let him be part of the show now!
Introducing... Noah!

Which makes me hope that he is the guy in the woods with Daryl. Yes? Anyone? You agree?

And then when Beth goes back to the hospital, they wheel in Carol!! And now what? That raises the question... is Carol really hurt? Or is she coming in all beat up on purpose? We don't know.

And, according to the scenes for next week, we might not know for awhile because next week appears to be highlighting what happens to Glen and Maggie's group as they head for DC. Ah, I hate that everyone is split up again so fast!

Creepy hospital show runner... Dawn.

Anyway, but Beth. She held her own pretty well in that creepy hospital, don't you think? She's like Carol in the fact that she just gets stronger and stronger.

The end of creepy lollipop dude!


  1. It was a great episode. I'm glad we finally see what happened to her. But, like you, I hate waiting in between all the groups to figure out what happens to everyone. Now, I see why Tolkien organized LotR the way he did, lol.

    1. Jenni: I can't remember how he did LotR? Didn't he bounce around between the groups too?

  2. This was not my favorite episode, even if I like Beth's character a lot. The end has me intrigued, but I'm really frustrated in the fact that I don't know when we will get back to this part of the story. Why?!?

    Here is my hopes . . . Noah is the one with Darryl and Carol was wheeled in because they have a big plan to rescue Beth. I don't know what to think about Glen and Maggie and the other gang. I guess I will find out more tomorrow night!

    1. Tif: We have the same hopes! But yeah, it might be a few episodes down the line before we find out if we are right or not. UGH!



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