Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kiersten White and Ally Condie Signing Events

It's been a plethora (don't you love that word!?) of author events around here and there's more to come! But lest I get behind I'll tell you about the two we've been to so far.

Kami, Jenni and I, we seem to be inseparable blog buddies and regular old life buddies these days! Good thing I have them to go do all this bookish (and other) stuff with!

First, last Saturday was the Teen Book Festival at Provo Library. While I'm not a teen, I took one, so that counts. The keynote was Kiersten White and as always, she was a blast and very funny. I bought her new book, Illusions of Fate, and the third book of her Paranormalcy trilogy which I guess I never quite finished.

Anyway, she talked about how it doesn't matter that we all aren't heroes, or have superpowers, or are students of witchcraft and wizardry... we can in fact be the heroes of our own stories. Sweet, no?

After that we ate at JCWs. Burgers, fries and a shake. (But first we went to a teen books trivia and killed all the teens. Wait, I didn't, but Kami did!)

Then on Monday, we went to a non author event, it was Kami's band concert. Yes, she plays in a band. So we went! And it was awesome and made me come home and look up Emerson Lake and Palmer's version of Fanfare of the Common Man, which I love. And afterwards, we went to... JCWs... and got a shake.

Then on Tuesday, we went to Ally Condie's launch party... again at Provo Library (the director of the library has threatened many times to set up a cot for us in the broiler room!) for her newest book, Altantia. So I bought it and we got it signed. She talked about how this book came to be and showed us pictures that inspired a few different things in the story. It was like looking at her Pinterest board for this book. Which was awesome.

We're doing the Asian picture peace thing while waiting for Jenni
to join us in the picture.
Jenni finally joined us!
My eyes look funky, but still, I love this picture. 

And afterwards, we went to.... NOT JCWs! Ha... trick question. We went to Two Jacks.. or something like that.. and got pizza.

Can you see a problem with all this going out? These guys aren't helping with the eating "healthy" thing! (And that's not even telling you about how on Saturday I went out AGAIN with my family. Sigh.)

It's also a problem for the book buying thing. But oh well. I can live with that problem!


  1. Wow there's been a lot of bookish events lately. It looks like they've been a bunch of fun! I hope you like Illusions of Fate. I thought it was really good. :)

  2. Nice recap! I love our gif! We have been having a lot of fun lately, and it isn't over!! Life is good with friends!

  3. Your gif is awesome. I'm sad I was not part of it, lol. But, at least I got in the end picture!!!

    I love that we're inseparable right now. It's fun! :D

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys have the best author events!!!



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