Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Walking Dead Discussion S5E5: Self Help (Spoilers!!)

So with this episode we switch focus again. Now we've left Beth seeing Carol being wheeled in and we've left Daryl in the woods saying, "Come on out." Gotta keep track of the cliff hangers we're racking up here!

Now, we are with Glen and Maggie off with crazy Abraham to get Eugene to D.C. At first it all seems a little slow and they are just chitchatting on the bus like it's any other road trip, asking Eugene about his mullet and everything.

I kinda like his hair...

Then BAM, the bus explodes and rolls. Like out of nowhere. And then they have to fight off the walkers and suddenly everything is back to normal, fighting for their lives!

The interesting thing about this episode was that it focused on Abraham and Eugene, a couple of characters we've yet to know very well. There were flashbacks to Abraham's past, how he ended up where he did. It's a sad story. His family freaked out when they saw him kill some bad guys and then then they left him and when he went to find them it was too later. Killed by walkers. Just then Eugene comes "running" up begging for helping and telling him he can save the world if only he can get to Washington DC. And thus starts his mission to save Eugene. He has focus again!

It's all very deep.

In between the flashbacks we are with the bus group as they try to decide what to do. Stay or go? Abraham is having none of the stay business... he's all GO GO GO. Glen says, chill, we'll go with you!

They find a bookstore to hunker down in for the night. Sweet. Glen and Maggie have a nice moment reflecting on life. Abraham and Rosita have a nice moment that was TMI for me and Eugene watches. That was.... awkward.

Wasting water!!!

In the morning, after some fire hosing of more walkers, they are off again. That is until they crest a hill and see an entire field full of thousands of walkers. There's no way they can get through, but Abraham is crazy and says... on we go!

It's then that Eugene loses it and suddenly he's all... I AM NOT A SCIENTIST!!! Wait, what? Yeah, and now the whole world caves in because there is suddenly no more mission! Abraham beats him up and who knows if he is alive or not (cliff hanger number three to keep track of!) and everyone else is pretty much speechless.
One good thing, Eugene makes his first kill!

So.. now what do we do? I guess we find out next episode! Maybe!

I enjoyed seeing the back story of these two characters. I'm still missing all the "normal" group though.

What did you think? Were you surprised at this reveal? (I guess if you are a fan of the books you aren't surprised by much of anything, right?)


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  1. I knew Eugene wasn't who he said he was. I just didn't have confirmation. He just felt off to me.

    I hope Maggie and Glen don't get killed because of all this. I'll be pissed if they do! I like the main group the best. I want them all together and safe. Of course, it can't stay that way, but still.

    Did you know Rosita is Angela from Twilight? I didn't realize it was her until I saw something this week. Weird, huh?



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