Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bookword Game: Voting Results and a New Word

The votes are in! And we have a very clear-cut winner!

Question: What do you call a book that everyone else loved, but that you hated?

Answer: RecommenDUD!!!!

Congratulations to Suziqoregon at Whimpulsive for the winning suggestion.

(For those interested in statistics, RecommenDUD got 49% of the vote, or 39 votes out of the 79 total votes.)

Thanks to everyone that voted and supported our first installment of The Bookword Game!

Now, on to the next bookword! After much pondering which bookish situation needs to be defined next, I've decided to ask:

What do we call a book that nearly every time you turn the page, you check to see which page you're on? Perhaps you feel like you are making no progress and you keep checking to make sure those page numbers are really going up. Or perhaps you are extremely anxious to get to the end and you are keeping a mental page countdown going. So, what should we call a book like that? The book where you are always aware of what page you're on.

Comment with your suggestions! Voting will take place next week at Raidergirl3's blog, An Adventure in Reading.

Thanks everyone for playing along!


  1. recommenDud was a great winner.

    For this situation, what about Page-re-turner

  2. Oh how funny - this is just cracking me up that it was the winner. It just popped into my head as I was reading the original post and I never expected it would win.

    What fun!! Thanks!

  3. Congratulations SuziQ. I am going to start writing these down, so I can start using them:)

    For this week, I was thinking something that encompasses bookworm, worms and nightcrawlers, and crawling along in a book...

    so my suggestion is "bookcrawler".

  4. The "Neverending Story" I know it's a movie title, but it kind of jumped out at me!:)

  5. Heather J. and SuziQ... get on back here and make suggestion for the new word!!! :)

    Serena, BookPsmith, and Chantele, I'm liking all your suggestions!

  6. I'm thinkin' !! I'm thinkin' !!!

    I'm trying to come up with a short version of "the book that's generating more pages just as fast as I'm reading".

    Maybe a "Page Generating Book"??

    I liked the other suggestions a lot better than anything I could come up with.

  7. I'm not surprised that SuziQ won. She comes up with some pretty cute terms. I love the title of her blog, Whimpulsive.

  8. Great word! I can not think of a single word for the new one. I'm creative but obviously not that way.

  9. An "Are We There Yet?" book.

    If I didn't make an effort not to, I'd do this all the time!

  10. I feel silly, but I'll say it anyway - maybe it will spur thoughts in others.

    I'm thinking that whether it is a good or bad situation, one might be constantly checking to see the page number, so I will offer up . . . CheckBook.

  11. SuziQ - that was a GREAT word! Loved it!

  12. Usually this phenomenon happens to me when I'm trying to finish a book club selection that's giving me trouble. I don't want to tarnish book clubs though, so I suggest "Is it over yet?" or "Can I stop now?"

  13. Hmmm....I can really relate to Neverending Story (and felt that way about the book of the same name!), but I'll give it a try - how about PageYearner, since the last one is what you're yearning for?

  14. Such great suggestions!
    Pageyearner is pretty good, and bookcrawler. I'm thinking and thinking, but that's why I made up the game, because I can't think of them and I knew other people could.

  15. You guys are coming up with some fun ones! Keep it up! :)

  16. Booklogged ~ That's more along the lines of what I was trying to say. :)

  17. RecommenDUD is a perfect word for that!



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