Sunday, November 9, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update: Week One!

Well, one week down and I'm at just over 14,000 words.... barely hanging on at the "PAR" amount. I was just looking at what I wrote last year at this time and I was at just over 21,000 words. So, right there you can see the comparison! I feel flounder-y! Friday especially was terrible. I had no desire to write and no idea what to say. What do you do on days like that? I managed 700 words of crap. So there you go.

What else am I feeling about now. I'll tell you:

** I'm enjoying my story but I think it's pretty dumb and silly.
** My writing is also dumb and silly. No pretty words or descriptions. It's all angst angst angst.
** Most of my writing dilemmas are finding ways to use 80s slang.
** I'm using WAY to many !!!! because it's two girls writing to each other and it just calls for lots of !!!! you know what I mean?
** It's hard to use a lot of conversation in an epistolary novel and I love writing conversation, so that's a problem.
** I am enjoying cheering everyone else on who's joined this party. Are you on my cheer list?
** Time is being an issue, as it is for everyone else. There's too much stuff happening. And this week I must celebrate a birthday too! I think I will tell everyone... for my birthday I want to sit at the computer for the whole day!
** Actually, I'm going to make everyone go to Interstellar with me. :)
** Do you see how easily distracted I am? The same happens when I'm writing!
** I'm going to be highlighting lots of music and movies in my story and I want to know... what's your favorite Led Zeppelin song? Comment below!
** Mostly I am feeling a little sluggish with my story right now and I think I need to make something really big and exciting happen fast!

And finally, to share a little excerpt (because I'm stupid like that.) Here's a bit I wrote yesterday. And now you can see what I mean about the silly. In this bit... Jan is in English class, writing a note to Liv:

Have you seen what Jace is wearing today? Instead of a tshirt with a button down shirt over the top… it’s just the button down shirt. What happened to the tshirt? He looks so spiffy! I’m dying here in English. I want so bad to say something. Like for instance,

“Hey Jace.” Tap on his shoulder. He turns around. He looks at me with a question in those amazing eyes. And I say, “Hey. You look really nice today. I just thought I’d tell you.”

And then he smiles. And I get how many points for that? Oh, at least another point on our ongoing tally! And maybe he’ll even say, “You look nice too.” And then I’ll turn hot pink and hide in my hair.

Dare me to do it?

(a few intense moments later)

DONE! And now I’m hyperventilating. Must go breathe.

— Jan

LOL. Yeah. So, how's Nano going for you all? 

(P.S. and lest you think I stole the name Jace for my character from a recent series,  let it be known I wanted to use this name WAY before that series came out and made that name really popular!)

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  1. I want to go see Interstellar too. I love 80s slang and !!! are just fun!! Have you read Ready Player One? It has a TON of 80s references.



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