Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E7 Crossed (Spoilers!)

Finally! We get to see what's happening with ALL our characters in the same episode. For most of our crew, this episode was about forming plan on how to rescue Beth and now Carol too. Daryl has come back (and though we don't see it, it's pretty obvious that Noah WAS the guy in the trees with him) and explained the situation to Rick and they are off to the hospital. Mishonne and Carl stay back to babysit Judith and Gabriel.

They do a terrible job with Gabriel though, because he escapes! What's up with that? What the freak does he expect to accomplish? Doesn't he LIKE our pretty dang capable group? BAFFLING!

Meanwhile, we see that Abraham is still kneeling in the road. It appears he's quit cold turkey. Eugene pretty much looks dead, but he might wake up still. Maggie is left to babysit those two, while the rest go off for water. And some fish as it turns out.  And those bits were my favorite of the episode. Some needed comic relief! Tara especially delivered.  "Look what I found in this bag!!" I thought it was going to some really awesome needed survival thing. Did you catch what it was? A yoyo!

Maggie had to get a little mean with Abraham.
But he came around.

She also cracked some joke, which I can't remember now and Glen was all like, "That's not funny."  She says, "yeah, it kinda was." And then they argue about the not funniness. Later on Glen concedes.... "Okay, it wasn't not not funny." Loved it.

But what about Beth and Carol? That mean old Dawn says about Carol. "Let her die." But Beth bribes strawberries for help and gets medicine and here's hoping it works. Meanwhile, across the street, plotting is happening. Rick wants to kill everyone. But they go with Tyreese's a little nicer plan.
Trying to carry out the plan. Also,  Daryl's arms. 

Of course it backfires. Of course. But they sort of recover. And suddenly they have a new Bob. This Bob sweet talks Sasha and just when the timing is right. KONKED over the head! Bam, down Sasha goes and that's the end of the episode.

We have one more episode before a big long break... already. Again. How sad for us. But here's hoping that episode involves some rescuing.

My take from this episode: DON'T EVER TRUST ANYONE! Ever! Also, yoyos are nice.

What'd you all think?


  1. I pretty much agree with your take. Don't trust anyone, especially in a zombie apocalypse. I'm nervous about next week. I just hope something good happens, but of course I want it to keep being epic and eventful, so we'll see.

    1. Jenni: Whatever they do we know it's going to be crazy intense.

  2. That is what I was thinking the entire time too! DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY!!! SASHA STOP BEING STUPID!!!



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