Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar

Movie: Interstellar
Genre: Science Fiction
Starring:  Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway
Rating: PG13
My Rating: Two thumbs up

I knew from the moment I saw the trailer the first time that I'd be interested in this movie. It's Christopher Nolan after all, and when have I not liked one of his movies? It's also space-y stuff and when have I not liked space-y stuff!?
All my kids!

So for a day-early birthday celebration last night, I rallied the troops and we managed to ALL arrange schedules to go see it together at the Imax theater. As good as the movie was, that was the best part for me, having everyone there!

As for the movie, I heard it was a mess with your mind kind of thing, and it delivered on that for sure! It was a little slow to start and yes, quite long (though I never once wondered "is it almost over already!") but all the stuff that's happening in the beginning means something later on. So pay attention.
Just try not to cry along with him during this part. I dare you.

I had a few issues with the dialogue and either not understanding, or not hearing. Many times the music overpowered the talking, but in a few cases, I think it was meant to be that way ... we weren't supposed to know what they were saying quite yet.

Quick summary: the earth is dying. It's like a re-occurrence of the dust bowl incident that happened back in the 30s (in fact they had people who experienced that dust bowl being interviewed and making it seem like they were actors talking about the current stuff from the movie. Awesome idea!) And everyone is going to die if something is not done. Well, our hero Cooper stumbles upon NASA people who are plotting a plan in secret to find another planet to live on. They talk Cooper into joining the mission... and thus leaving his kids to save the world. It's gut wrenching. Especially when stuff happens that messes with time to make everything ten times worse than it already is! Then of course, nothing goes right with the mission, so will they save the world or won't they? You'll just have to watch to find out!
Isn't that an awesome looking black hole?

Some of the stuff that they deal with in this movie: the theory of relativity, the bending of time and space, the power of love, black holes, worm holes, quantum physics, and gravity. Much of the science stuff went right over my head, but it sure sounded awesome! Wibbly wobbly timey wimey! That's what this movie it!

But the best thing is talking about the movie afterwards and trying to figure out what exactly happened! And how! And if it's possible! And what WAS that anyway?

And then you'll just want to see it all over again!

This planet didn't work out too well.

I enjoyed Matthew McConaughey as usual. The music was perfect for adding to the suspense of the movie, but considering it was Hans Zimmer, I wasn't as taken with it as I usually am. But the movie, I loved! I loved the idea of it, the adventure, the messing with time which is always fun, and the thought provoking ideas that are brought up.

Just... go see it! Then let's talk.

Here's the trailer, well in fact, this is four trailers all put together for your viewing pleasure:


  1. First off, Happy Birthday! Love finding others who share November as our birthday month.

    So glad you enjoyed the film. I was the same way the first time I saw the trailer. There was no doubt I was going to see this opening weekend. I didn't mind the slow build up because, like you mention, it matters later on. I thought they did a nice job establishing the major players and the situation without getting into too much detail about why the world was in the state it was in, etc.

    I didn't think too hard about the science stuff, just found myself enjoying the ride. Although I have thought about it all a lot since seeing the film early Saturday.

    Nice review! Hopefully more folks will get out to see it on the big screen.

    1. Carl: Yep, enjoying the ride is my philosophy too! Thanks for the comments. :)

  2. I'll wait to redbox this one.

    1. Kami: It's definitely a big screen movie though! It was only 5$ at the Imax on a Tuesday too!

  3. My son saw this and thought it was great except he didn't like the ending. What did you think of it?



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