Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Review Discussion: Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp

Book: Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp
Genre: NF 
For: Fun and research
From: The library

Short Synopsis: So there's this ranch in Utah. They call it Skinwalker Ranch. Some people lived there for years. Then they sold it to some other people. Those people could only take it for not even a couple of years before they had to leave. The first part of this book is an account of the stuff that happened to them  (the first people never talked about it) and why they left. They then sold it to a dude who wants to do research, spacey science fiction sort of research. So some specialists were hired to track and analyze and maybe try to figure out the stuff that's going on here. The second part of the book is their experience and findings.

My Response: I found this stuff to be very very creepy. Scary even. Crazy. Weird. Phenomenal. It's fascinating to me actually. But let me just say that nothing freaks me out more than talk of aliens. And that's what all this is about. The myth or legend of the skinwalker, which is why I wanted to read this book in the first place, is barely mentioned. This land is named that because the Native Americans consider the ground cursed and they call it "the path of the skinwalker." While the legend of the skinwalker is touched on, the stuff that happens here really doesn't seem connected to anything Native American at all. It's more about strange lights, many many UFOs, cattle mutilations, worm holes, invisible creatures, wolves that can't be killed, things that happen and yet leave no trace or evidence behind, and lots of poltergeist activity. It's pretty crazy! And it creeps me out!

Bottom Line: Interesting stuff but I ended up skimming over the second part of the book as all the things I wanted to know about were already touched on. If you are fascinated with aliens and extra terrestrial activity and possibility, you should definitely give this book a try.

Let's Talk About: So... what's your feeling an the possibility of aliens living among us? Do you think worm holes (portals to other places or demensions) could actually exsits? What's your level of skepticism when it comes to this sort of thing? Do you think it's all totally bogus? I want to know!!!

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  1. We reported the events accurately and in as much detail as we could. No enhancement or exaggeration. We interviewed dozens of eyewitnesses, including members of the scientific team. They spent 7 years on the ranch property asnd witnessed a lot of truly weird stuff.

    1. I also read this book. My wife and I went to a panel discussion about Skinwalker Ranch at the SLC Comic Con. It was interesting to see the reluctance (fear?) of the panelists to talk openly about ranch. Do you have a handle on why they would act that way? Also, my impression was that once Bigelow bought the ranch, the occurrence of events decreased dramatically. Is that true?

    2. George: Thanks for taking the time to comment. I trust totally that you reported things accurately! I thoroughly enjoyed the book... except for the fact that it creeped me out big time. Though I guess that's part of the fun of it. :)

  2. I don't believe there could be aliens living among us, but I think it's likely that aliens are out there and that wormholes could at least be created by a very advanced civilization. This sounds very creepy and very interesting.



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