Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buffy Watch Thoughts: Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2

Thursday evening I decided would be the only time I could fit in the first two episodes of the Buffy Watch in order to have a little head start as June arrived. Happily, a few others caught on to my plans and we ended up having about four of us watching at the same time and Twitter chatting as we went along! So fun!

I'm pretty sure these are the only episodes I watched in my previous Buffy attempt before I gave up. (We'll see if episode three looks familiar at all when I get that one going!) And my feelings remain about the same as that first time.

My quick and first impressions (of S1 E1,2) include:
  • I get the Angel love, really, I get it! (Though he hasn't really done much yet.)
  • I really like Xander too actually.
  • And yes, I really like Giles too, but he seems so nerdy. And it confuses me that he knew what was up so fast. I felt like that whole connection he has with the kids was awfully quick.
  • The vampires are wimpy! I mean, Buffy can hold them back by just leaning on a door? 
  • The fighting is corny, and the aerobatics bug me... just sayin'.
  • Yes, of course, the dialogue is witty, and I truly enjoy that! BUT...a 16 year old would never talk so... witty. However, I think this is something you see on all TV shows these days.
  • Many people commented as we watched that it's all about the characters and not the vampire stuff... yep, I get this. After two episodes, I am still getting to know these characters and I will let you know when that exact moment occurs that I LOVE them and am hooked on their strength alone. It's not happened after two episodes....
This week I plan to watch four more episodes. I'll let you know when it happens in case some of you can watch with me again!

Other Buffy Thoughts so far:


  1. Hang in there. It gets better...or maybe you get stupider as you watch. ;) Either way it's worth it.

  2. I just posted my recap of episodes 1-6. I think the vampires are wimpy too. But, I think they become less wimpy as time goes on because Spike stays alive for a really, really long time. I think the entirety of the show once he comes on. So, I'm sure they have to get better.

  3. Also, don't let episode 4 and 6 get you down. I liked 3 and 5. :D

  4. Yes, the show hasn't grown on me yet, either, but hopefully I can keep it up. I have almost finished the first season before but then lost interest and now here I am starting over again!

  5. Are you planning to watch on Thursday next week as well? And if so, in what time zone?

    Here are my first thoughts:

    - If I had come to Buffy without knowing all about the Whedon love around, I probably wouldn't bother with the next episodes either, but like you I'm really looking forward to the moment when I do fall for them.

    - It's interesting that as we enter the story, Buffy already knows she's the Slayer. I would have expected to see her turn into one (an upcoming flash-back episode?).

    - I laughed several times throughout the episodes (1st: "You forgot your... stake.") and yes, the dialogues are the best part.

    - I love the 90s feel, but the way Buffy's clothes make-up and hair look so matron-ly distracts me. And Angle's shinny jacket! It also gets to me that vampire's teeth are never bloody, even after they suck it - too R-rated for the show?

    - I'm intrigued by the implication that Buffy still has a lot to learn (i.e. being able to spot a vampires through other means apart from fashion, relying on the help of others, etc) and that she led a very different life before she became a Slayer. She says "I used to be really good at this" when choosing an outfit to go to the Bronze. I think she used to be a bit of a Cordelia, actually. Maybe that's why she was so attracted to Willow?

    1. Alex: Thanks for all your thoughts! Awesome! We had no planned schedule to actually watch together again, but if there is enough interest, we can make it happen! Last Thurs. we ended up watching around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time. I know this Thurs. there is an Armchair BEA Twitter Party that evening, so I will want to avoid that time for sure. Anyway, maybe I'll send out an email and get a feel for what you all want to do...

  6. Just a heads up...Xander gets annoying. I completely agree that the characters are what hooks people.

  7. I'm glad it's not just me. I watched the first two episodes and felt they were a little silly. The vampires annoy me. And I know I should stick around for the characters, but I may need to see some more of them before I can start to truly care about them.

  8. It definitely gets better. I think they hit their stride in the second season. They needed a little bit of time to find and embrace the humor in the show.



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