Friday, June 1, 2012

Concert Review: Vocal Point, Delilah, Pentatonix

On Memorial Day evening we got to go to the first concert of the season at the outdoor theater we love so much. You know, the one we've been going to for many many years. The one that has brought to us many amazing fun concerts (Richard Marx, Air Supply, The Everly Brothers, Jordyn Sparks, just to name a few.)

This show featured three a capella groups that were recently on the show The Sing Off. I never really watched this show, but a local group made it far and this did make the local new, how they were doing amazingly well.  Anyway, and since I love a capella groups I was really looking forward to this shindig!

The crowd was HUGE and very excited with major crazy fans! Wow, all the years I've gone to this place, I don't think I've seen a crowd quite so emotionally charged. It was insane. People sit on blankets on the hillside, and then there's also a few plastic chair seats (yes we fork out extra money for the plastic chair seats and a front row location!) But still, we still had a few seating issues (which seems to be the norm for me and concerts!) but it was easily solved and the show commenced!
This is the picture one of the members of Delilah tweeted. I'm in it!
Can you see me? Far right, about five rows up, in a red shirt,
right behind the bearded guy in the pink shirt.
Can you see? Yes? :)
(You'll have to click to enbiggen, for sure!)

First up was Vocal Point, the famous local boy group. They were snazzy and fun, but their songs were a little less upbeat than I expected. Slow and dreamy perhaps. They were good, of course, but not as over the top amazing as I'd expected.

My video is crappy, so here's what they sounded like on the Sing Off show:

But I did take a good picture of them!

Then we had the girl group, Delilah. They were pretty amazing. They are getting to be very well known for their cover of Grenade, and the wailing singing at the end was... bone tingling! Wowza! Very fun.

They each took about a half hour to sing and then up last was the winner of the show, and they sang for about an hour. And it was at once evident why they won. Wow, they blew me away. So so good! I loved them. Oh, they were called Pentatonix. They debuted this new cover for us:

But wait, you need to actually see them moving around:

Anyway, it was a very fun show and I just wanted to tell you all about it!


  1. I was at that show as well. I have never seen a crowd like there was that day Scera. It was a good concert. I was a little disappointed that Vocal Point's set seemed kind of short and Delilah's seemed too long (they are a little screechy for my taste).
    I like Pentatonix but they veer a bit more in hip-hop than is my preference but still way talented. I think if they want to make it big they have to improve their stage presence. They mumbled a lot and it was hard to hear them when they were talking. Still the singing was great (and for the price you can't go wrong. The season tickets end up being about $8 a ticket. I got 2 season tickets so I can always bring a friend).

    1. Smiling: I agree with the timing of all the different parts. It felt like Pentatonix was the headliner and the other two were the warm ups or something. Strange. And that mumbling thing, all talking at once thing between songs was a bit weird and different, wasn't it! Yes, they need to get the hang of that!

      We have season tickets too! The summer is not complete without them!



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