Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Beach Reads

The prompt over at The Broke and the Bookish today is to list our favorite beach reads. I think first, we'll need to define the term "beach reads." Yes?

Seriously, I hardly ever go to the beach. First, it's far away, and second it's uncomfortable there what with all the sun, sand and water and such. And if I were to ever go there, I'd probably not get much reading done, but I do know that some people seem to manage this just fine. And when they do, they want a certain kind of book. And I think that kind of book is sort of a brain candy book. Mostly (but not necessarily all)  mindless fluff perhaps. Probably lots (or at least some) of romance, and no hard words and deep thinking. Maybe something especially page turn-y with great adventure and intrigue. And probably not all that long either.

So what books fit that bill for me?

Top Ten Beach Reads

1. Meg Cabot books... like Insatiable.
2. Janette Rallison books like.... It's a Mall World After All
3. Kaki Warner books like... Pieces of Sky
4. Sarah Dessen books like... Just Listen (even though there is a little deep thinking here)
5. Stephanie Perkins books like... Lola and the Boy Next Door
6. Shannon Hale books like... The Goose Girl
7. Simone Elkeles books like... Perfect Chemistry
8. Sydney Salter books like... Swoon at Your Own Risk
9. Alex Flinn books like... Beastly
10. James Patterson books like.... The Angel Experiment

Yeah... I think all those suggestions make perfect beach books!

What's on your beach list?

Oh, and I'd love to hear how you define "beach read." Is it the same as me?


  1. I like your twist with the authors rather than specifically the books. Great list.

  2. I have been visiting a few of these today and have found some great suggestions for beach/summer reads. You have a couple on your list that I have not yet read. Stephanie Perkins books are a great suggestion. I really enjoyed those.

  3. Alex Flinn and Simone Elkeles are great beach read picks! I prefer Anna and the French Kiss to Lola (I couldn't get into it. Here's my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-11S

  4. Great suggestions. My Beach Read list is growing far faster than my "Arizona beach" days are!!! At least I have plenty of sand.

    My definition of a Beach Read is something that requires less concentration and convinces me to fall into the story rather than pay attention to the world around me....or the eye candy walking on the beach!! Will that do?

  5. I suggested Meg Cabot's QUEEN OF BABBLE but pretty much any of hers work, as well as all of Sarah Dessen's (my faves are THIS LULLABY and ALONG FOR THE RIDE).
    I think beach books are those that don't deal with a heavy subject matter but they don't necessarily have to be mindless. Fun, light, with a bit of thinking is what I like for a beach read.

  6. Great picks! Stephanie Perkins is a must, though I prefer Anna and the French Kiss.

    Here’s my TTT

  7. I most definitely define beach reads the same as you. Light and fluffy! I never read at the beach, though. I'm too busy enjoying the water!

  8. Great list. I think I'll have to start reading some Sarah Dessen, as she's made it onto everybody's Top Ten this week.



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