Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent Media Consumption: Mini Reviews

It's summer. Somehow that means lots and lots of watching stuff. I thought maybe I'd report on it now and then and perhaps you have comments to add and we can talk?


The Vow: Did you know this movie about a couple that get in a car accident and the wife loses her memory is based on a true story? Yep, it said so right there on the movie! I thought the movie was... okay.... it wasn't as tear jerky as I thought it would be, and I didn't seem to have as much anxiety over the situation as I thought I would. Weird... maybe just not in the mood? I don't know. But it was good and makes you really appreciate how important our memories are.

Tower Heist: Well, there were some pretty funny parts of this caper movie. I loved all the big names... especially Alan Alda.... what a dude. But there was a lot of body part jokes, which I just don't get. Is it supposed to be funny? So yeah... it was another just okay movie.

WarGames: We needed to make the kids watch this one because we are currently reading Ready Player One together.. some of us... and it's important to know about WarGames for further understanding of the book. So wow, how fun to go back in time to this movie! What a stinkin' cutie Matthew Broderick is in this movie!!! Such a great movie... still. I loved re-visiting it.

Sadly, I haven't watched, like, a REAL movie in the theater for quite some time... since The Avengers almost two months ago now. Wow. Seriously looking forward to the new Batman though.


Gotye: Making Mirrors: Finally! I've been threatening this one for awhile! Yay! Cool stuff.. espeically the songs toward the end of the CD.... here's one of my soon to be favorites:

I'm still really wanting the first CD this dude made, but can't find it yet. It has this song on it:

Sigur Ros: Valtari : A very different sound... and one that I quite like for calming purposes! They all sound the same to me though. But cool though, very cool. And calming!

James Durbin: Memories of a Beautiful Disaster: I've wanted this one for awhile too... very rock and roll-ish. Some I like better than others. But I'm still a fan of his mellow stuff. More mellow please! But the song Stand Up is one of my favorites on this album.

Silversun Pickups: Neck of the Woods: Still getting familiar with this album, but I mostly like the very first track called Skin Graphs.

And did you hear that Muse has a new album coming out in September? Here's the cool trailer:

Ah... pretty excited guys.


The Million Dollar Quartet: Awesome show about an event that happened in December of 1956 when four famous musicians all sort of accidentally ended up in the recording studio together and decided to jam for awhile. The boss decided to flip the switch and record them of course... so this show recreates the whole thing. The four guys: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Awesome show! The guys were so spot on, and all played their instruments for real.

The Wizard of Oz: Really cute show that our local outdoor theater is currently showing. Very cute! They did a great job, but they needed to sing louder!

So...seen or heard any of this stuff? What do you think? What things HAVE you seen or heard lately that you think I need to know about? 


  1. I thought Tower Heist was better than I expected it to be. Not great, and yes too much potty humor, but the caper aspect was much better than my expectations.

  2. I'm reading Ready Player One right now too and I love the War Games references! I've also seen Million Dolloar Quartet, such a fun show!

  3. My husband loved The Tower Heist. I'm with you; I thought it was okay. I have to say that I did like the scene with Ben Stiller and Casey Affleck when Affleck mentions his wife's small you know. I thought that was funny. But, the other body part humor, I don't get either.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new Muse album! I'm way excited!

  4. I really enjoyed Tower Heist. Not enough to buy it or anything but yeah. The problem with The Vow wasn't a mood thing. I don't think anyway. I struggled with he same thing and chalked it up to bad casting. The actors did nothing to make me care about them. No chemistry or something.

  5. If you liked the idea of The Vow (dealing with memory loss and such) read BLANK SLATE KATE by Heather Wardell. Actually, read it anyway as she's amazing and everyone should read her stuff. :)

  6. We're big fans of War Games in this house. It's so very, very dated but every bit as fun as it was way back when. Yeah, Matthew Broderick was totally adorable. He still looks terrific.



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