Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buffy Watch Thoughts... Season One Done!

This past week (was it way back on Monday? ) we finished season 1 of Buffy! Wahoo!

I jotted notes as I watched and here's what I thought:

Ep. 9: The Puppet Show

- Wouldn't you want to move by now? Because... sheesh, tragedy at every turn at that high school!
-- Another genuinely creepy one!
-- What's up with the principal? I swear he's a bad guy. (Later we realized he is Quark from Star Trek!)
-- Confusing!
-- Funny ending. That was great!

Ep. 10: Nightmares

-- Spiders, yucky!
-- Boy from the other episode? We thought so at first, but no, it's a different kid.
-- What would be your worse nightmare?
-- I did kinda like this one just for that above question. What would it be, really?

Ep. 11: Out of Mind, Out of Sight

--Sad... and true sort of feeling.
--Cordelia had profound things to say... "sounded by people, but totally alone" (reminds me of the sad JG video of awhile back.)
--Weird guys... strange guys
--Weird strange ending (lol... now... nearly a week later... I can't even remember what the ending was!!!)

Ep. 12: Prophecy Girl

--I can already tell this one is more about the characters
--Much more emotion in this episode... now that's more like it!!
-- I still got a kick out of the fact that she fell/was pushed/died in the muck pond but her white dress was still quite perfect afterwards.
-- Quite the "you go girl!" ending!

Bring on season 2! Let's see if all you crazy Buffy fans are right or not... is it REALLY better? I guess we'll see! I think we plan to watch tomorrow afternoon. We'll be Twittering the time so keep your eye on that if you want to join us!


  1. Yeah, if it's the character stuff you love just you wait! It's so fun to read about your thoughts. I'm very excited to see if you get into it enough to continue with the series. I hope so.

  2. Oh my word, YES. Season 2 of Buffy ROCKS!! I'm so excited for you. :)

  3. It's great until they go to college, so yes, season is good.

  4. I'm glad it's getting better for you, Suey! It does, honest, Season Two is so very good too, possibly better (I have to go back and rewatch too) :-) It's one of the few shows that keeps being good for several seasons, though for me the first 4 are the best of the best of Buffy.

  5. Yes, season two gets SO MUCH BETTER :) Oh, do I sound a little obsessed? I agree that the last episode of season 1 was all about the feelings and I loved that. I think that's why I'm starting to become a little obsessed: all the character archs.



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