Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buffy Watch Thoughts: Season 2 Ep. 1-8

This week, we started season two of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Wahoo! We (as in Kelly and I and sometimes Alison) had three different Buffy Watch sessions during the week and managed a total of nine episodes!

Here are my random thought, mostly jotted down while watching and edited and added to a little after the fact.

Sunday Buffy Watch

Ep. 1 When She was Bad

-- Hey look! There's an official love interest for Giles! Yay!
-- Willow and Xander.... cute almost kiss. Was that for real?
-- Ah... something's up with Buffy... she is acting very very strange!
-- Still wimpy vampires... yes, very wimpy.
-- In the end, even after the episode, I'm still not sure what was wrong with Buffy... just slayer angst-y?

Ep.2 Some Assembly Required

--Let Giles keep talking British... please!? No more trying to stop him... hello.
-- A sneaking Angel... sweet. Love how he just pops up here and there.
-- Enjoying more funny Cordelia... she really cracks me up.
-- Zombie talk... gross
--Wow, a Frankenstein sort of thing going on here?
-- In the end, the episode quite creeped me out, and was really quite sad.

Ep. 3 School Hard

-- Wahoo! Spike! Now, we'll finally see what you are all talking about!!
-- Okay, I thought he would be less wimpy, but he still was a bit.
-- Something is up with the principle... yep, I know it.
-- The kid is gone? Just like that? The anointed one... poof?
-- In the end, I truly did enjoy the Spike swagger... very fun.

Ep. 4 Inca Mummy Girl

-- More corpses! Nice!
--Seth Green who? Everyone was excited to see him, I wasn't familiar with him, so looked him up. Now, he does sort of look familiar, but not sure from where. Much of what he's been on, I haven't seen. Anyway, I'm going to like his character, Oz, quite a bit I predict.
--Poor Xander... really. I feel like saying that a lot with him. And by the way, I miss his floppy hair!
-- In the end, I quite enjoyed this episode and feeling for poor Xander... and poor Willow too.

Wednesday Buffy Watch

Ep. 5 Reptile Boy

--Senior in college and a junior in high school... that's just wrong and weird all around.
-- And besides, something is so up with that guy!
-- Fraternity parties... not good
-- Lizard boy looks pretty fake.
-- In the end, eh, okay, whatever.

Ep. 6 Halloween

-- Nice that the vamps just desintigrate after staking! No mess!
--  Angel... the cuddly kind!
-- I was feeling a bit confused at one point, but realized afterwards that it was supposed to be that way. Once I got the way of things, I thought it was quite fun actually.
-- I'm sure Xander's actor dude thought it was a blast to change up his character for this episode. He did a great job. Do you think Buffy had fun acting wimpy too? Maybe.
-- In the end, I thought this one was really fun actually.

Thursday Buffy Watch
(I didn't jot many notes this sessions, many many interruptions!)

Ep. 7: Lie to Me

-- Willow is weird, yes?
--Buffy says she loves Angel, but she can't really love Angel... yet. Sheesh, she hardly knows him... I mean, have they even really TALKED yet?
-- In the end, I can't really remember this one much. Seems like Spike was in it, and we got some back story on Dru and Angel, but already I've forgotten!!

Ep. 8: The Dark Age

--Giles squirming when whats-her-face is around... love it.
--Love the back story on Giles... I can't seem to get enough of him.
-- Still having a hard time not thinking of him as Arthur's dad though, but it's getting there.
-- In the end, I enjoyed this one... felt packed with emotion.

So, there you have it! My Buffy thoughts of the week, for what it's worth!! I do see a difference in the two seasons just because the characters have more emotion and the episodes are just silly stuff. I mean, there's still a lot of silly stuff, but with more depth... or something. I have no idea what I'm talking about!

I think there's more Buffy watches to come this week, but I'm not sure when.

P.S. GAH! Beware when looking up Buffy pictures to post... spoilers anyone??! Sheesh. Teach me to do that again.


  1. Oh, I bet you got some major spoilers. It's fun seeing your reaction. All I can think is, just you wait!

  2. I love Seth Green!! I used to have a big crush on him. Oz is one of my favorite characters.

  3. You're now three episodes farther than I am! :) I'm loving Season 2 so far. There are still a few weird things going on. But, I'm excited to watch more eps. :)

  4. I started watching some random episodes that are being aired on TV. I think it's season 5. I miss the earlier seasons, but your posts reminded me how much I miss characters like Willow and Giles.



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