Saturday, June 16, 2012

Buffy Watch Thoughts: Season 1 Episodes 6-8

Thursday evening I watched three more Buffy episodes... with Kelly again, and this time we also had Allison from Well-Read Reviews join us half way in! So fun when this happens! :)

Here are my random thoughts from this viewing session:

Episode 6: The Pack

--Weird... but cool drums!
--Another non-vampire episode? Makes me think this is like Supernatural or something we we are just dealing with strange creatures every episode, but not necessarily vampires. Which is fine, except the title of the show is misleading then I think!
-- I was quite distracted during this one because I had like three different phone calls I had to deal with and I couldn't keep pausing because... well... we were all watching together!! Pausing doesn't work!
-- But, I do remember the drums. I guess I like me some good African drums!

Episode 7: Angel

-- Okay, so THIS is the sort of episode I've been expecting all along!
-- I thought that Angel was a vampire all along, but this episode confused me and well, those questions were quickly answered. Buffy didn't know!!!
--What's with the boy? The one with the master? I still don't get what that was all about.

Episode 8: I Robot, You Jane

--Interesting talk about internet fears, from back in the beginning of internet fears.
-- We loved it when Willow chatted online but spoke her chat out loud!
-- This one was genuinely creepy to me... not just corny creepy. I guess that's a step in the right direction!

It appears three episodes is my limit for a one sitting viewing! I get so tired by the end of three of them! But I am warming up to the characters. Giles makes me smile and Willow is so witty.

We plan to watch more on Monday I think it is... about 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Want to come join us?


  1. I seriously do not remember the first season at all. I'm sure if I watched it again it would start coming back to me but....yeah. I'm glad that you're starting to like the characters a bit.

  2. I'm loving coming across these posts on all these book blogger blogs. It is fun to get everyone's reaction to the show.

    There are definitely a lot of non-vampire episodes, so it is good to get used to that now. But I feel like the other nemeses get less... cheesy as time goes on. And you'll grow to adore several of the characters.

  3. I thought episode 8 was cool. You seriously need to get to Season 2, though. It's already better! :)

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying meeting the Scoobie gang! I love Buffy. I was halfway through watching S1 in the winter while riding my bike, but then my knee arthritis flared up and I haven't been able to ride much since. I used to watch this show devotedly when it was on tv, and I've watched this season a few times before. The little boy will be explained, don't worry!

    I wish I could join you!!! I'm at work still at that time :-(

  5. This is still one of my favorite TV shows ever. I can veg out and watch episode after episode no problem. I think I've even watched as many as 8 episodes in one day. Yeah. I love this show!

    Literally Jen

  6. Giles and Willow were always two of my absolutel favorites!

  7. I thought the computer episode was creepy, too! So glad that I am able to join you guys on this watchalong! I had no idea it had already started when I joined you, heh. It was just a great coincidence. :)

    Allison at Well-Read Reviews



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