Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Short and Sweet

Outside my window: It's late, very very late, on Saturday night... in fact, it's actually very very early on Sunday morning. But hey, what else is new. The late nights around here... all in the norm. Though not my most favorite thing. But where were we? Oh, outside the window! DARK, and breezy and perfect.

I am listening to: yeah nothing at the moment. People quietly going to bed.. at least some of them. Others are still not home. Which means I won't be sleeping anytime soon myself. (Update: They came home! Like early-ish! SLEEP!!!)

Song of the week: I already posted songs this week, do you want more? You love hearing my songs, right? Yeah, I know....ummm.... but....sorry... I can't think of one to post right now.... you'll just have to click on that link above and go listen to Gotye again....

TV Talk: I just watched some Buffy episodes this week (my thoughts here) and that's it. And I'm so very sad not to be around tomorrow night (Sunday) to watch the new season start for Falling Skies. It better be on On Demand so I can catch it later.

Books Finished: About a Boy by Nick Hornby
Books Started: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (half way done) and Cayman Summer by Angela Morrison (almost done)
Books Up Next: You know, I'm not really sure! I am SO winging it! :) Maybe I should do one of those "tell me what to read next" posts, know what I mean?

I am thinking: that suddenly, I'm tired. But hey, it's only 1:00 a.m.!! Things are just getting going!

I'm grateful for: the gift card I was able to use tonight at Olive Garden. Man, that place as gotten expensive!

Around the house: The bedroom corner project is coming along! I may even show pictures next week at this time! I'm sure you are thrilled!

Pinterest of the Week: Guys... I haven't touched Pinterest for two weeks! What's up with that? I mean, not even opened up the program!

Favorite things of the week: a nice and lovely author day

Utah Book Bloggers: I will be emailing blogger interview assignments to those that signed up to participate in this little aspect of our celebration, which will begin in August... which will be here soon!

Family Matters: Lots of late nights and movie watching and not eating very good and sleeping in and job hunting (a little) and working for some and basically, normal summer.

The coming week: Book Club! This is new thing for us.. having book club in the summer. I guess we'll see how it goes, eh? Other than that, I'm not sure what the week has in store! This past week was crazy.. this next week? Not so much I hope.

Oh, and P.S. Happy Father's Day!


  1. I like that waiting up late, and the bad tv watching/eating/etc habits - I've been doing the same thing. Sadly not posting much, though I have been able to read a bit more in between the European Soccer matches on tv.

    I have Ready Player One out from the library! I need to get to it before it's too late. Are you enjoying it?

    1. Susan: Yes, I'm liking it... but it's not as "mind blowing" as expected... know what I mean?

  2. Sheesh! I didn't even go to bed that late last night.

    I don't knew what book to read next either. I feel so free at last!

    1. Jenny: So what book ARE you reading next? :)



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