Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Mother's Day

Outside my window: Wow! Spring! Birds chirping. A soft breeze! Sunshine! Wow. I'm impressed with you weather.

I am listening to: the kids are blasting Life is Life by Opus. Raise your hand if you remember that one? It's from 1985 if that helps. Yeah, me old? No way. They discovered an old tape this week. And latched onto that song! Earlier we were listening to James sing this song:

And Scotty sing this one:

And Haley sing this one:

Seriously enjoying American Idol this past week.

I am watching: We rented and watched Leap Year last night. Ireland. Loved it. There was a nice Irish dude too. :) Cute movie all around.

I am thinking: that a headache already this morning is just not fair. Ibuprofen, here I come.

I am grateful for: a wake up call from a missionary son to wish me Happy Mother's Day! And then we could say... "see you in a couple of weeks!"

I am reading: Forest Born by Shannon Hale. But feeling in a bit of a funk after last week's The Name of the Wind, and don't feel like reading much of anything. Hate it when that happens.

I am photographing: nothing this week I guess.

I am listing: things to do.

I am creating: new curtains for the guest bedroom. Yes, I'm still impressed that I remember how to work the sewing machine.

On my iPod: Two new songs! I downloaded the above James and Scotty songs! Then I ran out of iTunes money....

I am hoping and praying: that all the mothers have a wonderful day today, and no depression allowed!

Around the house: I put away Easter baskets yesterday. And purged clothes from the 16 year old's room. Both overly joyous tasks.

From the kitchen: A lot of breakfast foods this week. Yum.

One of my favorite things: finding old songs on Youtube!

The children this week: Toto has to prepare for a violin recital coming up on Saturday. Then for an audition for orchestra next year is the next week. So we have violin stress this week! And the Eagle papers I mentioned in another post? I swear that is getting DONE this week!

Plans for the week: I have an ongoing list of things to do... I plan on checking some of those things off this next week.

On this date: Wow! Twenty nine years ago I had a little brother born on this day! Happy Birthday Jed! And I know you are even reading this blog these days! And happy birthday to my other little brother Troy who turns... let me think...35? tomorrow! Wow everyone is getting old. What's up with that? Jed was born during the night after the evening that my dad took me and my friends to see Flash Gordon! Loved that show! I DARE you to click on that link! (In fact I think I better listen to it again! If this doesn't confirm my nerdiness, nothing well!) Such fun stuff back then! And Troy was born when I was just barely too young to remember much. I remember coming home from school the day they came home from the hospital, anxious to meet him.

DFTBA!! And now I better go before things get even worse around here. Have a good one!

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Ha! now look outside your window! that's why I didn't want to know!

    I need some new music BAD!

    Woohoo! I'm so glad you saw Leap Year! I love that movie it's soooo cute.

    Sorry about the reading slump, I do that a little too often I think.

    Have a great Mothers Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I like how you do this Sunday run down for us. It's pretty fun to read! I'm sure you're beside yourself with excitement to see your son in just a few weeks. Congrats, and I hope that headache went away!

  3. I can see why you were blasting Life is Life. That is such a great feel good type song; a mood lifter, IMHO.

    I watched Leap Year several months back; love it. Last week, a patient was watching the movie; we had a great talk about it. She loves it and has viewed it many times. The Irish dude is nice; for sure. :)

    How are you liking Forest Born? I read Goose Girl, and loved it.

    You have a busy week this week; I hope it is going well thus far.
    I also hope you had a great Mother's Day.



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