Friday, May 6, 2011

Life's Ponderings

-- Our TV is messed up and it's crazy how crazy it makes me! First CC showed up and we couldn't get it off, so we pushed buttons, which caused the HD to stop working AND the remote to stop working on the HD channels, but worked fine on the regular channels... but the CC went away... on the HD channels but not the regular channels...and the button we pushed was for the TV anyway, and NOT the cable box which runs the HD channels. Yes, I'm going to go crazy seriously.

-- HEY! Did you hear Matthew Morrison is coming out with his very own CD? Yeah, I'm so excited and I'm not really even a very big Glee fan... I'm just a Matthew Morrison fan if you know what I mean! :) Anyway, this news makes me happy.

-- How many things do you think you can worry about at once? My husband said just two or three... I told him I had at least fifteen things I was worried about right now, and he thought that was crazy! How many things are you worrying about this very minute?

-- Three weeks, THREE WEEKS from today my son, who I haven't seen for two years, comes home!! Wow.

-- I'm not moving very fast on my Utah author books list. I've got to step it up!

-- I'm really really worried about Damon. (But that's NOT one of the 15 things that keeps me up at night!)

-- Know what I want for Mother's Day? An upgrade to my movie editing software! Yes!

-- Oh wait. Did I tell you the one about when we almost saw author D.J. MacHale? Yeah, so just before we were about to leave on the 45 minute journey to the bookstore, we decided to check and make sure it was still happening, and found out that it was... the NIGHT BEFORE! Yeah, I got my dates wrong. But I'm still not convinced that it was all my fault because I remember seeing the date when I first saw this event listed, and I was thinking in my head what conflicts we would have, and I KNOW it was a Tuesday then. But no, it was really a Monday. I don't know what happened, either me or someone else is losing their mind. It was a disappointing moment at our house for sure.

-- Have you ever pushed a kid through to getting an Eagle Scout Award? Man, it's not easy. We are on the tail end of getting that done, so close I can see the light! It will be nice not to have that as one of my 15 things to worry about!

-- This weekend, the garden will be planted! It WILL be spring, it will!

-- I'm sad I missed "May the Fourth Be With You Day" aka. Star Wars Day. Next year, I promise I will celebrate like mad!

I'm off. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. --I hardly worry in less than threes, but I just call them "things I keep in mind"...

    --wow! I hope the 3 weeks pass quickly for you!

    --I am terrible with dates, personally. Really, I can't even properly remember if my wedding anniversary is the 30th or 31st...I don't know, how many days are in May?

    --My husband is an Eagle Scout and his dad still sighs over the difficulty, but he is oh so proud. good luck with getting it finished.

    --and good luck with the gardening. I am holding my breath, I think the snow has decided to no longer randomly fall to torment us...

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)


  2. I know, I know! Poor Damon!!!

    Sorry you missed the D.J MacHale event. :(

    I planted my garden this week. It better not snow again!!!

    I can worry about tons of stuff all at once too. Not fun, and the sleep missed...Sigh!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of stuff to think/worry about. I'm very happy about the 3 weeks left. That will be so wonderful for you.

  4. So happy for your son getting home soon. I don't know how you Mormon mom's do that!!
    As far as worry goes? Yes--I worry lots. There are two categories: family-life worries, and work worries.
    And your tv? I didn't understand 1/2 of what you were talking about. When did tv viewing get so complicated. Just when I figured out how to access our Netflix through our WII, the men in my house switched it going through the x-box. Now? I don't know how to do, because I think it is coming through a different box/source that my husband purchased! Luckily, so far, I haven't been home alone long enough to want to watch a movie recently. ;)
    Happy Mother's Day--

  5. how many things am I worried about right this moment? hmmm.... only 3, surprisingly. maybe that has to do with the hour I am answering this question or that one of them is very overwhelming and taking up at least 85% of my mind.

    Woohoo! Suey, you will have to make sure to let us (me) know about how all is when your son arrives home. How joyous!!!

    We have new baby bunnies living in the area where we would plant our vegetable garden; dilemma.

    Oh, and L...there are 31 days in May (my youngest was born on the 31st so this one I know very clearly. ha).



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