Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: The Supporting Cast

And one again, I bring you a list as inspired by The Broke and Bookish.... to list ten of my favorite supporting characters.... almost all of which seem to be the friend of the main character. I guess that's pretty much what the definition of "supporting" means, right?

1. Mr. Bingley: Mr. Darcy's friend of course, from Pride and Prejudice and truly a happy fun loving guy!

2. Alec: Clary's friend in the Immortal Instrument series. There's lovely foreshadowing about him, and now I must keep reading to find out what!

3. Much: Robin Hood's loyal friend who (at least in the TV series) steals the show much (ha!) of the time!

4. Samwise: another loyal friend character, this time Frodo's from Lord of the Rings. What can I say about him? What a guy.

5. Charlie Swan: as in Bella's dad in Twilight, etc. I just think he's awesome.

6. Rudy: Leisel's friend in The Book Thief and the character that makes us weep and think... if only.

7. Bast: A recent discovery from The Name of the Wind. Kvothe's student, but he appears to be much more than that I hope the next book reveals a bit more about him.

8. Keiro: Finn's adopted brother of sorts from Incarceron, with an obnoxious attitude yet you love him anyway.

9. Gale: from The Hunger Games. Even though he's a big part of the story, we hardly see him, so that makes him supporting, right? Ah, Gale.

10. Fang: the dark and mysterious quiet dude from the Maximum Ride series. I don't know, is he supporting or main? Max is the main and he is by her side, yes? Whatever he is, I think he is awesome.

What supporting/minor characters do you enjoy? Who did I blatantly forget?


  1. Great list. I loved Much from Robin Hood- he was a scene stealer!

  2. Charlie made my list too. I love him. He's so great.

    Gale is a great character, but I have a hard time seeing him passed Peeta since I'm a Peeta girl. :)

    And, I love Alec! He's such a great character. His inner turmoil is intense and it's great to watch him learn to deal with that. I hope you enjoy the other books. :)

  3. Whether Fang is a minor character or not he's awesome!

  4. I'm curious about Alec now too! Charlie is an awesome dad. Gale is intriguing as well. Hopefully the actor will do a good job with his character in the movie.

  5. Aw, I love Gale, too. I always wanted to see more of him.

  6. Lots of good choices here - Charlie, Alec, Gale and Bast had me nodding my head!

  7. Anne: Much is awesome!

    Jenni: Love Charlie! And now thath I'm reading City of Ashes I realize I got characters mixed up and meant Simon, when I said Alec. Opps... Alec is interesting too though! :)

    Jenny: I think I'm a book behind and need to read it for a Fang fix!

    Thereadingdate: I agree with you on wondering how the actor will handle Gale. Interesting.

    Alissa: Yes, I didn't like how his character was left... at all.

    Marg: So excited to read more on Bast... book is in the mail!

  8. Much is awesome. Especially as Lord Much. He cleans up pretty nice, when he isn't wearing that blasted scarf.



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