Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sunday Salon: On Monday...Because Life Happens

Wow.. what a whirl wind week! Whew, I'm still reeling. Maybe putting thoughts down will help. The following was written quite late Sunday night:

Outside my window: Dark and cold-ish. It rained too. Yes, again. But wow, things are green!

I am listening to: nothing.

I am watching: We just finished watching Toy Story 3... again. But I only watched the first bit, didn't want to cry at the end, yet again!

I am thinking: that it's been a fun and crazy weekend, welcoming my son home, but I must say, I'm quite glad it's over!

I am grateful for: lots of supportive friends and family who came to our house today to visit and eat.

I am reading: Well... I started Ship Breaker, but have not read for three days straight now. That right there tells you that life has not been normal around here.

I am photographing: The family, all together again!

I am listing: all the things that still need doing this coming week! Yes, it never ends.

I am creating: nothing besides the mess in the house (see below) and the food from the kitchen (see below.)

On my iPod: nothing new this week.

I am hoping and praying: that I can sleep with worrying and thinking too much. That would be nice.

Around the house: Oh boy. So, today we had a party where I think I fed nearly 100 people. And you know, it had to rain. And so instead of everyone being outside, we crammed inside. In order to fit everyone, we pushed couches to the outside of the room and put tables and chairs up in the inside. We haven't fixed it yet, and everyone thinks it's cool to have this big open space. I said, fine for today, but tomorrow we put things back to normal!

Oh, and probably 30 of those 100 people? Kids! That ran around and around the house! Even though it made me crazy, guess what? The house survived! :)

From the kitchen: What I made for the party.... shredded ham cooked in pineapple juice all day... served on a bun. Seven layer dip, cowboy caviar (salsa,) cookie salad, fruit salad, several salads donated by family... and lots and lots of cookies and brownies.

One of my favorite things: Armchair BEA twitter parties and winning books! Oh, and Markus Zusak on Twitter! Yes, not only did I have much family excitement this week, but much blogging excitement too.

The children this week: Out of school! And then what?

Plans for the week: Pirates 4, Rockapella, Les Mis, dance recital, 6th grade graduation, finals for the 10th grader, a choir concert, grandpa's birthday... just to name a few....

On this date: Last year I wrote a lovely post for Armchair BEA on ideas for blog content. I'm quite sad that I haven't had much time this week to get around to the other blog posts. But maybe this week. It's okay to be a week late commenting, right?

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. So gald your son is home Suey. I don't envy your party though. Here is me stressing out about Grace's 5 year old party and feeding only 20 people. When did you start cooking? I sure wish that I liked to cook because hosting a party would be more fun.

    Ahhh...I wanted to do the ABEA twitter party but I forgot!!! ugh. Glad you had fun.

    I think it is okay to be a late week in commenting. Hit the giveaway posts first though because many of them will be ending soon.

    Now, I am off to go bike riding on this fine morning.

  2. I've been waiting for this update!!

    Welcome home Elder!! I can only imagine how happy you were to have the whole family together again after so long!! Congratulations for having all of your chickens literally under one roof. (And hug his neck real tight!)

    Hang in there with recovering from all the frivolities and feeding the masses. It will all come back together again. Family - up close and personal - and rain don't always mix. Glad that you all survived it.

    Happy Memorial, relax, and remember!

  3. Yay! You're blogging again! I knew it would be quiet here what with your son coming home. (congrats, btw). I came to hear him speak but it was so crazy afterwards I didn't say hi. I'm glad everything went well, though.

  4. Congrats on having your son home! Now you can really enjoy all that's ahead. :)

  5. Yeah, your son is home! That's so exciting and you totally have excuses to not read and not blog :)

  6. Wow, you've had a busy week and just more to come! Hope you get some down time worked in there.



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