Friday, May 13, 2011

Music Stuck in My Head: Pirates and Such

I have music to talk about!

First off, I've been listening to the soundtrack of the new Pirates movie... it's streaming on Facebook if you like the page! Here's just one song:

And of course I LOVE it. I mean how could I not? It's Pirates! Can't wait to buy it! Can't wait to see it!

This week, I really truly have not been able to get enough of James Durbin singing Without You. I've been literally blasting it non-stop it seems.

So sad to see him go last night. I'll be keeping my eye on him to see what he does with himself this next while. However, I decided to NOT buy American Idol tickets. Sad, but true. Oh, well. It will just have to be Josh Groban for me concert-wise this year...except for the local outdoor concert stuff, and I'll be sure to tell you about that as it comes. There's some good ones!

Speaking of Josh... his tour started last night, and THREE MONTHS from this very date, it will be my turn! I'm getting butterflies already.

So I've never really been a huge Glee fan, but when it comes to Matthew Morrison, I'm hooked. And now he finally has his own album! And I just need to decide whether I'm getting an old fashioned cd or downloading it, which is a handful of dollars cheaper. Hmmmm.....

So, what's been stuck in your head this week?  What new music do I need to check out? What old music do I need to revive?


  1. Grrr! I need some new music but nothing is catching my interest. Sigh!

  2. I was so upset about James leaving AI! He brought something new, was consistent, and had great stage presence. I really think he lost because the judges liked him so much--it was like the American public was saying "we'll so you, judges; we get to decide who's good."

  3. Jenny: Be sure to let me know when you find your new music!

    Lisa: I totally agree about James! Oh, well. He'll do fine, and we can buy his album sometime down the road. :)



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